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Now that we've retired from "real" jobs, we thought it would be a lark to take a temporary job in a campground at Yellowstone National Park for the end of the 2003 summer season.  We filed an application with Xanterra Corporation, the concessionaire that runs the larger Yellowstone campgrounds for the National Park Service, and we were pleased to be accepted.

We headed west from our home in Midland, MI on Aug  2.  The pages that follow contain a photographic record of our trip, for the benefit of friends, family, and anybody else that stumbles in here.

We've also posted the full text journal from this trip, but unless you're REALLY interested in our daily events, I'd recommend just viewing the photo gallery.

or use the Table of Contents below to go to a specific page.

The Trip to Yellowstone -  1
Arrival / Mammoth Hot Springs -  2
Arrival at Grant Village -  3
Upper Geyser Basin (Old Faithful) -  4
Christmas in August -  5
West Thumb -  6
Firehole Lake / Madison River -  7
Hayden Valley -  8
 9 - Lower Yellowstone Valley
10 - Grizzly Discovery Center
11 - Norris / Virginia Cascades / Canyon Wildlife
12 - Canyon Area
13 - Artists Paint Pots
14 - Return to Upper Geyser Basin / Staff Photo
15 - Wildlife at Grant Employee Campground
16 - Tetons
17 - All Good Things ...

Text and images Copyright © 2003, F D Wilson

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