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Next day we had to go out of the park for groceries and propane, so we headed back to West Yellowstone.

Along the West Entrance Road, the largest bull elk we've seen so far stopped traffic by sauntering across the pavement.

Our campground coworkers had told us the Grizzly Discovery Center in West Yellowstone was worth a visit. To sweeten the pot, they gave one free visit to Xanterra employees.

The center includes a compound in which they house and display a number of grizzlies. These are bears that have been taken in as orphaned cubs or under other circumstances in which they would otherwise have perished.

One bear amused us by playing with a deer hide that had been used to wrap meat. Nothing beats a good back scratch.

In a second compound the center houses a pack of six wolves, also taken in as orphans and raised together as one pack.

It was fascinating to watch the pack dynamics as the wolves moved about their compound. And since the viewing platforms were elevated the wolves were easier to observe than the bears were in their compound.
Grizzlies and wolves are probably the two species that people visiting Yellowstone would most like to see but seldom do. We really enjoyed our visit to the Grizzly Discovery Center and would recommend it to anybody visiting the area.
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Text and images Copyright © 2003, F D Wilson

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