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One more work week came to an end and I decided to return to the Upper Geyser Basin on my first day off.

The Observation Point trail takes one up the side of a hill behind Old Faithful for a view out over the entire Upper Basin.

From here we have a different perspective on an Old Faithful eruption. Unfortunately the wind was blowing the steam straight toward the hill, preventing a good view of the water spout.
After the end of the Old Faithful eruption, it was about a half hour until a predicted eruption of Castle Geyser. That gave me just enough time to get down the hill and over to Castle's cone.

Castle erupts from a large cone thought to look something like the fortifications of a castle. It is currently erupting about two times a day, to a height of up to 75 feet. Whereas Old Faithful erupts from about 2 to 5 minutes, Castle's eruptions last an impressive 20 minutes or more, followed by a steam phase lasting up to another 40 minutes.

By now you'd think the sight of a bull elk would start becoming commonplace. But this one I saw while leaving the Old Faithful area was truly magnificent and he posed so wonderfully ...

Bison in the flats surrounding the Fountain Paint Pots.
That evening we had a campground staff potluck, the reason/excuse for which was to take a staff photo before people started leaving for the season.

1 - Sherry Conley (Campground Host), 2 - Ron Conley (Campground Host), 3 - Ruthie Shogren, 4 - Carol Zach, 5 - Connie Ford, 6 - Georgia Downey, 7 - Ann Edwards, 9 - Mary Jane Beardmore, 9 - Janet Snook, 10 - Fred Ripberger, 11 - Betty Lissow, 12 - Sherry Wilson, 13 - Doug Wilson, 14 - Joyce Shea, 15 - Marv Shogren, 16 - Jim Snook, 17 - Jeri Shutters, 18 - Jerry Lopez, 19 - Sylvia Lopez, 20 - Hugh Shutters, 21 - Jim Ford, 22 - Joe Wilroy, 23 - Janice Wilroy, 24 - Harold Efaw, 25 - Alta Efaw, 26 - Chuck Beardmore, 27 - Gene Shea, 28- Kathy Ripberger, 29 - Carol Smith
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Text and images Copyright © 2003, F D Wilson

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