Rocks from the Collection of Albert M. Hines

About These Images and Basic Crystallography


Quartz, La Gardette Transparent Dolomite Interesting Quartz Habit
Native Silver Crystals Copper Crystals Axinite my favorite!!!
Morion Quartz Hematite Crystals Siderite
Garnierite Sulphur Stilbite/Apophyllite
Benitoite Ilvaite Crystal Ruby
Smoky quartz Azurite Various Quartz
Selenite Pyrites Calcite
Galena Stibnite Spanish Fluorite
Celestite Rutile Sphalerite


Pliomerops (trilobite) Phacops Rana (Silica, OH) Tabulate Coral Colony
Prismatophyllum Ammonite Bellerophon
Coiled Mollusk Crinoid Archimedes
Insects in Amber Oyster More to Come!

These images are scanned from photos taken by Albert Hines of specimens from his private collection.
They are copyright protected.
However, permission is hereby granted to reproduce them for any non-commercial use.
Any commercial use is prohibited without prior written consent from the author.

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