**James Lampert's Adventures in Creative Futility: Organ Lessons

Best viewed while listening to Bach Organ Music!

So put on an E. Power Biggs CD, and enjoy!

Here are the archives of my "Adventures in Creative Futility" reports on my organ lessons, as emailed to subscribers (mainly interested members of PIPORG-L).

My First Five Organ Lessons

Intermezzo: Vacation Organ Encounters

My Sixth through Tenth Organ Lessons

My Eleventh through Fifteenth Organ Lessons

My Sixteenth through Twentieth Organ Lessons

My Twenty-First and Twenty-Second Organ Lessons

My Twenty-Third Organ Lesson

My Twenty-Fourth Organ Lesson

My Twenty-Fifth Organ Lesson

My Twenty-Sixth Organ Lesson

My Twenty-Seventh Organ Lesson

My Twenty-Eighth and Twenty-Ninth Organ Lessons, and a bunch of other things

My Thirtieth Organ Lesson

My Thirty-First Organ Lesson

My Thirty-Second Organ Lesson

My Thirty-Third and Thirty-Fourth Organ Lessons

My Thirty-Fifth and Thirty-Sixth Organ Lessons

My Thirty-Seventh Organ Lesson

My Thirty-Eighth Organ Lesson

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