James Lampert's Music Page

My Organ Page

My organ page includes a couple of pictures from my first organ lesson, as well as links to my Organ Links page, and to the chronicles of my organ lessons.

My Music Education Page

My music education page is a text document, discussing the highlights of my musical education.

My CD Reviews Page

These reviews are not particularly impartial or scientific. But I highly recommend these CDs to all music lovers.

My Christmas CD Reviews Page

Since 1998, I've been giving CDs and other Christmas gifts to the clergy and church musicians on my Christmas list. Here are the reviews of all of them, gathered together, year by year.

My Concert Review Page

These reviews are not particularly impartial or scientific, either. Just a few concerts (all organ music, so far) that I've reviewed.

My "easy harpsichord"arrangement of "The Ash Grove"

My arrangement of a timeless Welsh folk tune, one that has found its way into everything from hymns to bawdy songs, to a Smothers Brothers stand-up routine, to my harpsichord debut at my 2005 student recital. Licensed for distribution under the GNU Free Document License.

My Music Links page

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