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May 16, 2009

On behalf of the Toledo Plastic Modelers, and the Fremont KitBashers, we would like to thank everyone who came to Tol-Con '09.   The contest went well, and everyone seemed to have a good time.   We had numerous comments regarding the spacious contest and vendor areas, and also the good lighting in the contest room.   It ended up that we had over 525 models, so it appears that our attendance was pretty good.   We also had about 50 models in our internal club side contest too.   Overall, club members seem pretty happy with the results, so tentatively we will plan to do another show next year.   Once again, thanks for coming to our show, and we hope you had a good time.   Pictures of major category and special award winners, along with selected others follow below.   Please click on the pictures to see larger images.

Best of Show
Best Aircraft

S-3A Viking
Mike Meredith

Best Auto

Kenny Earl
Best Armor

Maz 5376 Late
Rick Carlson

Best Diorama

Battle Plans
Greg Hanchuck
Best Figure

Boris Safonov
Larry Cherniak

Best Ship

Roman Warship
Rod Millard
Best Junior

Travis Blevins

Pat Delvaux Award

'66 Nova SS
Johnnie Thomas
Best Racing

1991 McLaren
Dave Morgan

More Aircraft

Do 217
Alan Hubert

Duane Ward

Larry Cherniak

Chris Toops

More Automotive

John Tinnay

'41 Willys

'71 Challanger

Lotus 25
Ian Dow

More Armor

Greg Faunce

Jim Hays

Greg Hanchuck

Pak 44 128mm
John Kesner

More Ships

USS Essex
Chris Toops

Type XXI U2540
Gary Kirschner

Don Haugh

Viking Ship
Tom Koprowski

More Figures

John Brindley

Roman Legionaire
Ian Dow

Irish Knight
Jim Church

The Crow
Bridgett Dottavio

More Stuff

Von Richtofen's Circus
Jim Church

Edward Visits America
Gates Bisson

US Gulf War Armor
Dana Mathes

Soviet Armed Railcar
Monte Kelch