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Monday, February 23

Terminator: Future Fate

Download: T & M bazaar
Authors: Michael Tresca, Christopher T. Shields, Mark Billen
Type: Role-Playing Game (D20 Modern Supplement)
Suggested Retail Price: FREE
Format: .pdf
Pages: 64
Discussion: Resistance HQ Forum

In the year 2028, the surface of the Earth is shrouded in the thick, gray veil of ruin. Once great cities have been laid to waste and rubble, becoming vast impromptu tombs and graveyards to the millions who died on Judgment Day all those long years ago. The Machines rule the surface of the planet, while the humans who have survived now hide in underground shelters, venturing forth to scavenge and do battle when they are able. And always, the Machines are waiting...

This D20 Modern campaign setting includes 2 new Terminator races, 8 new advanced classes, piles of new weapons and equipment, a chapter on time travel, and over 20 different kinds of Terminators and Hunter-Killers.


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