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Monday, February 23


Download: T & M bazaar
Type: Role-Playing Game (D20 Fantasy Supplement)
Suggested Retail Price: FREE
Format: .pdf
Pages: 22
Discussion: Enworld Forum

The Beast's Black Fortress crosses the void of space, hopping from planet to planet. Once the Black Fortress lands, Slayers spill out of womb, burning villages and towns, torturing slaying everyone in their path. The Beast will accept nothing less than genocide in its conquest of every planet for its own, dark purposes. What it does with a planet once it takes over is unknown, but it's clear that the Beast and its Slayers have powers far outstripping the cultures they invade.

This D20 Fantasy campaign setting/adventure includes an adventure synposis and campaign setting with 10 scenes, a new race (cyclops), 10 new NPCs, 3 new magic items, and 4 new monsters.


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