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Monday, February 23

Friday the 13th: Resurrection

Download: T & M Bazaar
Authors: Michael Tresca
Type: Role-Playing Game (D20 Modern Supplement)
Suggested Retail Price: FREE
Format: .pdf
Pages: 63

Jason Voorhees. The quintessential mass murderer for the 20th century, Jason's psychotic, hockey-masked persona has slowly evolved from crazy killer to an unstoppable cyborg. In this universe, Jason is real. And he's out for blood.

Jason's racked up more murders than any serial killer in history. His attacks have slowly lost their rhyme or reason, as what little is left of his mind rots to mush. Silent, invincible, unstoppable - Jason has finally garnered enough attention that humanity decides to fight back.

But no mere mortal can take Jason on alone. Teenagers, psychics, cops, FBI agents, androids - all have tried and failed to destroy Jason. The PCs have but one goal - stop Jason before he stops them.

Friday the 13th: Resurrection is a supplement for D20 Modern that contains 2 new races, 11 new occupations, six new feats, new psionic powers, new EX-Grunt equipment from Jason X, 6 new advanced classes (including bounty hunter, FBI agent, and psychokineticist), madness and space travel rules, and 9 new monsters.


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