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The 2001 Tournament at the World Boardgaming Championships (June 26 - July 1) will consist of three heats scheduled for -Wed. 10:00 a.m., Thurs. 5 p.m. , & Fri. 9:00 a.m.
Semifinals are scheduled for Saturday at 9:00 a.m. followed immediately by finals (we'll be very flexible for scheduling / rescheduling the final).

The first heat of Merchant at the 2001 convention will start in approximately .

The format is essentially the same as in prior years:

  1. The purpose of this tournament is to have fun. The tournament rules are meant solely to provide a fair and enjoyable competition.
  2. If you have ANY requests, questions, complaints, or disagreements, please bring them to the Gamemaster (GM). We will be as flexible as we can to accommodate everyone. In the event of disputes, however, the GM reserves the right to adjudicate rules questions, to impose time limits, to adjudicate games, etc. All decisions of the GM are final. Because I will be playing in the tournament, I will be designating two assistant GMs to make decisions in any game in which I am involved.
  3. The tournament will consist of three preliminary heats, with each winner of a game in the heats advancing to a single elimination semifinal round. Please feel free to play in multiple heats even if you win a game in a previous heat (I know this is a favorite game for many). If you play a second or third time, please be sure to point out that you played in a previous heat - I’ll be assigning each of you a ‘heat’ number - please try to remember it for subsequent heats.
    1. Each heat will consist of 4 player games to $2000. Game assignment for each heat will be Swiss style by alphabetical order (i.e. this means that all Fosters will be in different games), except I will try to break up friends or regular opponents and put them in different games. If Merchant is your team tournament game, other members of your team will be placed in different games. The winners’ names will be posted on the Merchant kiosk after each round. After Friday’s heat, the names of all semifinalists will be posted on the kiosk.
    2. The semifinal round will begin promptly at 9 a.m. on Saturday and consist of five 4 player games to $2000. All of the winners from the heats will advance and enough second place finishers to make a total of 20 players. The tie breaker will be net worth. For instance, if we have 18 different winners in the first three heats, all the winners and the top 2 second place finishers will advance to the semifinals. Game assignments will be done solely on the basis of highest first round scores, except members of the same team will be separated.
      Important Note: If you win a game in one of the heats, and can not (or do not wish to) play in the semifinals on Saturday, for whatever reason, please inform me of that fact so I can schedule substitute players accordingly.
      1. If we have more than 20 individual game winners we’ll have 25 players in five 5 player games in the semifinals.
      2. If we have more than 25 individual game winners (a distinct possibility with multiple heats) we’ll have 30 players in five 6 player games in the semifinals.
      3. If we have more than 30 individual game winners we will have 36 players in six 6 player games.
      4. If we have more than 36 winners in the heats, we’ll have an alternate (as yet undetermined) plan.
    3. The winners of the semifinal games advance immediately to a final round - a five player game to $3000. (If there are 36 semifinalists, the final will be a six player game to $2000).
  4. SCORING: At the end of each game, record the finish (first, second, etc.) and net worth (in cash and deeds) of each player. Then give this record to the GM. The winners of all games will be the player who has the required net worth at the end of his or her turn per rule 13.2 on page 8 of the rulebook, which is not necessarily the player with the greatest net worth.
  5. NOTE: Rule 11.4 on page 7 of the rules will not be used. You may not trade with another player.
  6. CLARIFICATION: Please note that the GUARD PLANTS factory goods have a payoff of $140, not the $160 shown on the marker.
  7. No optional rules will be used. Remember that the object is to have FUN (see rule 1).
  8. All players will use the same dice unless EVERYONE in a game agrees otherwise before play begins.
  9. There is no limit to the number of Spaceport/Factory markers a player may purchase. If a player uses all of the markers of his or her color, just use any marker of an unused color to signify ownership of the Spaceport/Factory.
  10. I hope to see you all playing Merchant at the next Convention! I welcome any and all comments on the tournament.
  11. Have FUN!

If we have more than 4 finalists we will be using the Fast Setup variant for the final match.

Fast Set-up variant (from The General Volume 26, Number 1):

To set up the game quickly, mix the goods markers in with the bonus markers, pick 20 markers, and leave the rest in the cup. Each time a new Culture is discovered, pick four more markers from the cup and place them appropriately. Otherwise, put all markers in the cup and pick replacements as deliveries are made normally. Factory goods remain unavailable until the respective factories are built.

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