Melissa's Page

Me with Beanie buddies in my room

This is my first web page. The first picture shows me in my room with some of my Beanie Buddies (if you look in the mirror you can see my brother, Eric).

I love Beanie Babies and Beanie Buddies.

    Some of my favorite Beanie Babies are:

  1. Bones
  2. Hippie
  3. Speedy
  4. Floppity
  5. Millennium
Me with a Beanie Buddy bunny

My  favorite Beanie Buddies are:

  1. TY2K
  2. Princess
  3. Flippity

One of my other favorite hobbies is reading. My latest favorites are all of the Harry Potter books and Ella Enchanted because they are good fantasies.

Melissa's Book Pick for This Month

Voyage on the Great Titanic
The Diary of  Margaret Ann Brady
RMS Titanic 1912
by Ellen Emerson White
179 pgs.
In this book Margaret takes a trip on the Great Titanic. Read this book to find out about the trouble at sea.If you enjoy  the Dear America Series you are sure to like this one!

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