Eric's Page

Me with pokemon in my room

This is my first web page. Behind me on the shelves in the picture are some of my favorite Pokemon (they're kind of hard to see).

I like Pokemon, Pooh Bear, playing Nintendo 64 games & Gameboy games.

    My favorite Pokemon are:

  1. Pikachu
  2. Blastoise
  3. Articuno
  4. Venusaur
  5. Nidoran (boy)
  6. ExeggcuteMe with a Beanie Buddy turtle on my head

My  favorite Nintendo 64 games are Super Mario 64, Super Smash Brothers and Mario Party 2.

My favorite Gameboy games are Pokemon Yellow and Pokemon Blue.
My sister & I play the Pokemon collectible card game in a Pokemon League at the local Zany Brainy store. We don't have a lot of cards but we have a lot of fun!

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