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Monday, February 23, 2009

Humans vs. Zombies Back on Campus

The game, in essence, is a heavily modified game of tag. Though the Henderson game sports a hefty rule set, spanning almost seven pages, the main rules can be boiled down to a paragraph. The game starts out with all players being "humans." One player is selected to be the first "zombie." This zombie must go out and tag the humans. Once a human is tagged, he or she becomes another zombie. Humans prevent zombies from tagging them by blasting them with their Nerf guns or tossing balled-up socks at them. A successful blast results in a 15-minute freeze time, ala freeze tag. Zombies "die" when they do not tag someone for two days. The game ends when one of the following happens: when all the zombies "die" or when all the humans become zombies. more



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