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Monday, February 23

The RPG Times

Type: Fiction (Short Stories)
Publisher: The RPG Times

The RPG Times was born six years ago, and has been publishing ever since. It was created to cater to the creative people in the RPG Community. The RPG Times is always looking for people who are willing to lend a hand, as it is staffed completely by volunteers. These range across the globe from the chilly plains of northern Canada to the balmy shores of Australia.

  • Cold Spirits [ Part One | Part Two ]
    Despite being panned in the Del Rey Online Workshop (q.v.), The RPG Times was brave enough to publish "Cold Spirits" -- in two parts even!
  • Dragonslayers Never Die
    When Christopher Ashman faces down his past, he finds being a legend isn't all its cracked up to be. Then again, being a dragon isn't all that great either.
  • Inner Demons
    After battling demons for decades, Yinjen Su must come face to face with the most dangerous demon of all...himself.
  • The Little Things
    An unusual day at the circus...
  • The Natural Order
    The trials of a wizard's apprentice against Nature itself.
  • What Price Victory?
    Ancient rivalries open fresh wounds at the Olympic Games.
  • The Daily Grind
    The phrase "a monkey on my back" takes on a whole new meaning in my first attempt at horror. Be warned...it's not a very good attempt.
  • Head Games
    My first science fiction attempt. The future from the perspective of a a "headware surfer," where surfing the web is just a thought away.
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