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Monday, February 23


REVIEWS [out of 5]
  • Enworld [++++-]
  • Enworld [++++-]
  • GamePlay News [++++-]
  • RPG United [+++--]
  • TOTAL: 3.7
    Purchase: Amazon.com
    Type: Role-Playing Game (D20 Supplement)
    Suggested Retail Price: $24.95
    Format: Paperback
    Pages: 128
    Publisher: Alderac Entertainment Group

    Since the dawn of role playing games, magical artifacts have held a special place in the lore of fantasy gaming. Some of the most popular items amongst gamers are powerful, unique artifacts whose detailed histories and unique traits cause them to stand out from the pack of magical swords, potions, and other items. Relics presents a bevy of artifacts that DMs can insert into their games. Each artifact includes a detailed history, complete rules for its use, and adventure hooks to inspire the imagination and enrich a d20 campaign.

    My list of contributed relics includes:

    • Astrarium of the Cosmos
    • Bivukku, the Macahuitl of the Ages
    • Chalice of Allegiance
    • Collar of the Siren
    • Crown of the Ironridge Thane
    • Gi of the Thunderfist Monks
    • Goretooth
    • The Heart of Darkness
    • Kaleidoscope of Serais
    • Kenblade
    • Kenshield
    • Medusa Sphere
    • Neital's Ram
    • The Pandect Obelisk
    • Rings of Drakhen
    • Sanguavore, the Bane of Man
    • Shattershar
    • Solaris, the Golden Shield of Tarak-num
    • Vajra of the Five Wisdoms
    • Vridomir, the Arm of Death

    "Artifacts is much more than a collection of just powerful magic items," said Jeff Ibach at GamePlay News. "They are well founded in mythology and lore of d20 fantasy concepts, written entertainingly and diverse for maximum use and are just darn fun to read."


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