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Monday, February 23

Quest for Power

Purchase: Boardgame Geek
Type: Role-Playing Card Game (Board Game)
Suggested Retail Price: $40.00
Pages: 200
Publisher: Infinite Imagination, Inc.
ISBN: 0-9653496-0-8

I got involved with Infinite Imagination back when RetroMUD was in dire straits. Concerned that we would lose our server, I attempted to find a "backer" for the game -- someone who was obviously interested in role-playing games. To my surprise, the folks from Infinite Imagination, including Doug Schonenberg, indicated they were interested. In reality, they were more interested in my talent than RetroMUD. I built a web site for Quest for Power (now defunct) and helped playtest the game. Alas, Infinite Imagination and Quest for Power no longer exist, although I do still keep in touch with the creators. Quest for Power was also how I got involved with RPG.net. In fact, that's how my wife and my brother-in-law got involved with rpg.net. Infinite Imagination asked us to write a review and we did just that -- three incredibly biased reviews.

  • Quest for Power
    Quest for Power is billed as a "Game Masterless Role-Playing System". In actuality, it is a fantasy-themed board game where the board is constructed each play session from randomly dealt cards. It has all the trappings of a role-playing game: character generation, mulitple races and professions, skills, spells, weapons, etc. But the actual game play is very much a board game: move along the board, turn over unexplored cards, and deal with the situation given on them. Players can compete against one another, or work cooperatively. Like any good multiplayer game, there are alliances and treacherous betrayals among the players. In the end, in order to defeat the evil lord in his castle (the main objective of the game) at least some of the players will need to team up because the castle lord is more powerful than any one character can handle.
  • "Quest for Power is an amazing product for the first effort of a fledgling game company," said Michael Tresca at RPG.net. "It also suffers from all the flaws new games new to the market suffer from which we can only hope will be remedied in future editions of the game."
  • "If you're getting tired of playing Talisman every time one of your players is out of town, it might be fun," said Arthur C. Adams at RPG.net.
  • "I've never played a more miserable excuse for a game, roleplaying or not," said Mischa Krilov at RPG.net. "I can't properly express how much you should not play it."
  • "The cards are pretty," said Judson Lester at RPG.net.
  • "I do recommend this game to anyone interested in gaming, new or experienced," said Amber Reifert at RPG.net. "Very little preparation time is required, but hours of great adventures unfold."
  • "Quest for power" is indeed a viable addition to any serious gamer," said Eric Reifert at RPG.net. "Simple and interesting to play, yet versitile enough to vary and challenge players of any age or level."
  • "The cards are full-color; the books are half-size black-and-white," said John Setzer at Model Retailer. "Nice polyhedral dice round out the package."


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