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Monday, February 23

Monster Pack II

Purchase: Amazon.com
Authors:Damon C Bradshaw, Jeffrey Durkin, Reid San Filippo, Brian Lujan, Steve Stelter, Michael Barsness, Nate Brown, Ralph Dula, David Thun, Nathan Sharp, Ferry Bazelmans, Kris Havlak, Alexandre Major, Patrick Reding, Evan Waters, Sean Wipfli, Eric Hite, Stephen Reilly, Brett J Schofield, Thomas Iverson, Reuben Lai, Michael Mendoza, Eric Edwards, Luis Eduardo Mesa, David Fuchko, Andrew j Lucas, John Kantor, Russell Baldwin, P.J.Perry, Tim Emrick, J.T., Chris Fischer, Scott Earls, Daniela Palacio, Deirdre Brooks, Abram Barnett, Timothy Lira, Jens Falkesgaard, Stephen Bush, Christopher Casey, Neil Ammer II, Morgan Davey, Mike “Talien ” Tresca, , Clement Grene, Ray Boemler, James Lundberg, Trevor Jones, Larry Hill, Sean Doyel, Geoffrey Batchelar, Steven Roman and Tom Pigeon
Type: Role-Playing Game (Action! Game)
Interior Artists: Richard Cox
Suggested Retail Price: FREE!
Format: .PDF
Pages: 27
Publisher: Firefly Games

These packs contain bonus kaiju for use in your Monster Island: The Game of Giant Monster Combat bouts. They were created as entries in a contest run by RPGnet and Firefly Games. Each pack contains up to 10 new monsters with complete bios and stats, just like the kaiju in the game. The gigantic, free Monster Pack II, containing more than 50 new kaiju, is now available in both a low-res file and a file suitable for printing.

The creatures were created for a contest on RPGnet prior to the game's release in spring 2002. We've added Monster Island stats and some illustrations. Check it out!

I wrote Helen, the gigantic farting turtle. Don't ask.


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