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Monday, February 23

Maleficent Radisgad

Maleficent is the most spectacular magess who ever lived, a legend in her own time. Her domain is Retro MUD, where she strikes fear into the hearts of those who would oppose her.


She lets only one person into her inner sanctum -- her husband, Talien. Together they make a most formidable pair, indeed. Watching over the Retro Universe they assure all events transpire in accordance with their own designs.

Before the Scintillaing Magess met her soul-mate she was wild and untamed. Without discipline, she roamed the universes causing havoc and unrest. Nothing made her happier as making some unfortunate persons' life miserable. Her wicked cackling was heard often, and caused more than one brave soul to shiver in fright.

The Magess learned the magikal arts from an elderly sage who feared his death was near. He needed her to be his pupil, to ensure the evil arts he had cultivated would life on after his death. Maleficent learned quickly, and soon could perform even the most complicated of spells without duress.

The sage, fearing his inevitable death, searched for a potion of immortality. Finally, after his many years of research and dangerous trials, he created the Elixr of Life, which made him young again! Wanting to be the greatest magician in the Universes, he cursed the Magess, and plotted her death!

A great battle ensued. Not wanting to kill the Master who had taught her the magikal arts, Maleficent tried to flee, but the sage pursued her relentlessly. Realizing she could never be rid of him unless he were dead, she challenged him to a duel. Overconfident, the sage underestimated the Magess, and he died horribly. Without mercy, and with a bitterly cold wind blowing through her heart, Maleficent left the Realm of Magicians to make her mark on the Universes.

The Magess made her first appearance in the Realm of Bats. There she was forced to uphold her reputation as the most evil and powerful of mages. She was challenged in the streets, in the guilds, and even in her own castle. None of her challengers ever lived to see another sunrise. Time passed, and after disintigrating many rivals, the Magess became bored, and left in search of a new Universe to plunder.

Such was her life until she met the equally infamous Talien.

The handsome and dashing Talien is a great wizard in the RetroActive universe, and he inspired feelings in Maleficent that she had never known before. With a wink of his eye he could bring her to the dizziest of heights, and to the lowest of low places with his frown. Talien was equally smitten with the powerful Magess, and it was not long before they consummated their love in the most passionate of embraces.

Together they aspire to new heights and new adventures, ever seeking worthy enemies and valuable conquests.


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