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Monday, February 23

Dragon Magazine #323

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    Purchase: Paizo.com
    Suggested Retail Price: $6.00
    Format: Softcover
    Publisher: Paizo Publishing
    Discussion: Dragon Magazine Forum

    Check out this issue to see how the new Dragon better serves you. Get the first look at new features to appear in every issue: “Spellcraft,” “The Magic Shop,” “First Watch,” “Player Initiative,” “Winning Races,” “A Novel Approach,” “Heroic Feats,” “Players’ Tips,” “Adventurers’ Tricks,” “Coup de Grace,” and more!

    What if paladins couldn’t detect evil? What if no one could? Check out the spells that give players new options in games that blur the line between black and white.

    "It's interesting," said Monte Cook at Malhavoc Press, "but the best part of the article comes again in a sidebar, this one discussing the difference between heresy and sin as it applies to D&D religions."


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