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Monday, February 23

Dragon Magazine #299

Purchase: Paizo.com
Cover Artist: Wayne Reynolds
Interior Artists: Arnie Swekel & Wayne Reynolds
Suggested Retail Price: $5.00
Format: Softcover
Publisher: Paizo Publishing
Discussion: Dragon Magazine Forum

This issue of Dragon presents the first of a new concept for articles about D&D. New campaign settings are great, but often it's hard to adapt that material for a game already in progress. "Campaign Components" articles take the best parts of a campaign idea and give you the tools you need to add a specific theme to your home campaign or use them to build a new world.

The first installment? Knights!

Jousting tournaments, knightly orders, honor, chivalry, quests, crusades, and courtly intrigue: It's all explained and presented so you can lift it or leave it. Play a gnome peasant, a dwarven squire, a halfling knight, or a half-orc king. You'll discover new uses for skills, d20 jousting and tournament rules, magic items, and adventure seeds so you can add knights to any game.

Think it's not D&D without mind flayers and mages? Don't worry: We'll show you how to bring chivalry to the dungeons and dragons to the tilting grounds.



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