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Monday, February 23

Brenkin Kree

Artwork by Michael Tresca.

"You want some of this??! Let's PARTY!" - Brenkin Kree in combat.

Brenkin Kree was originally created by Dr. Bren as an experiment in "raw" genetics. K.ombat R.eady E.ugenics, or KREE, agreed to fund Dr. Bren's egotistical product of self-realized artistry. Dr. Bren, who lost his entire family to a planecrash and suffered from a god-complex, decided to create a child in his own image.

What KREE did not know was how Dr. Bren had achieved his goals -- much of his eugenics research was stolen from Nazi research into the cloning field. KREE didn't care. Dr. Bren intended to showcase Adam as a piece of "living art." The clone would be ageless, eternal, and Dr. Bren's gift to the world as a reminder of his greatk work.

As soon it was determined that #001 (or "Adam" as Dr. Bren named him) was fully functional, Dr. Bren was executed. Adam was destined to be a protoype for other clones, surviving in incredible pain as a living biopsy while Dr. Ezekiel Pent, Dr. Bren's replacement, mapped out his genetic code.

Adam proved much more resourceful than Dr. Pent anticipated. He escaped the eugenics laboratory with an incredible amount of military knowledge and left the laboratory a smoking wreck. Based on the conversations he had with the other personnel, Adam renamed himself Brenkin Kree (Dr. Bren's "kin-of-KREE") and set out to survive in a strange world he was unprepared for.

Brenkin Kree's life has never been an easy one. Possessed of incredible strength, he quickly made a name for himself in 1980's earth. As a recognized "superhero," Brenkin had everything from comics, to movie deals, to his own commercials. He had a very successful run of British Knights commercials ("B.K., the only kind I wear.").

One of his greatest and most distressing conflicts was when KREE industries caught up with what Brenkin believed to be his girlfriend at the time, Kimberly Nurse. In reality, she was #003, a female experiment who was used as a lure. But she was unstable and turned to goo before Brenkin's eyes. Horrified by what he perceived to be a fate worse than death, he performed a mercy killing. Brenkin has never forgotten that day and is forever burdened by the guilt of his actions.

For the most part, Brenkin led a successful career as a superhero and was able to create a family of sorts out of his friends, which they named "Reaction Force". These were the days of the Golden Gladiator, Lord Humongous, the Transmogrifier, Lady Kat, and other, lesser known superheroes. But it was not to last. Reaction Force disbanded when they were all successfully assassinated in 1990 by a suicide bomber.

Brenkin Kree, male human Bbn10; CR 10; Medium-size Humanoid (6' tall); HD 10d12+110; hp 175; Init +9 (Dex); Spd 40 ft; AC 19 (+9 Dex); Atks +23/+18 melee (1d3+13, unarmed strike); SA rage; SQ fast movement, uncanny dodge; AL N; SV Fort +18, Ref +12, Will +3.
Attributes: Str 37, Dex 28, Con 33, Int 13, Wis 11, Cha 12.
Skills: Balance, Bluff, Climb, Escape Artist, Gather Information, Hide, Intimidate, Jump, Listen, Move Silently, Search, Spot, Swim, Tumble, Wilderness Lore.
Feats: Alertness, Armor Proficiency (heavy), Combat Reflexes, Dodge, Endurance, Exotic Weapon Proficiency (firearms), Exotic Weapon Proficiency (futuristic), Great Fortitude, Iron Will, Power Attack, Run, Toughness, Track.
Special Attacks: Rage--4/day, Brenkin can fly into a screaming blood frenzy for 16 rounds. Brenkin gains +4 Str, +4 Con, and a +2 morale bonus vs. fear, but suffers -2 to AC. After the rage, Brenkin is winded.
Special Qualities: Regeneration--Fire and acid deal normal damage to Brenkin. If he loses a limb or body part, the lost portion regrows in 3d6 minutes. He can reattach the severed member instantly by holding it to the stump. Ferocity--Brenkin is such a tenacious combatant that he continues to fight without penalty even while disabled or dying. Fast Movement -- Brenkin moves faster than normal. Uncanny Dodge--Dex bonus to AC, can't be flanked, +1 vs. traps.
Equipment: automatic rifle, metal cartridge, rifle (20), 6 fragmentation missiles, breastplate.

Brenkin was killed by a double-agent who infiltrated Brenkin's group of superheroes. The suicide attack blew Brenkin to bloody smithereens. His corpse was buried under cement in an undisclosed location by the U.S. government, who was unaware of the KREE project but feared fans would attempt to dig up the body.

In the year 2098, Brenkin's cement tomb is obliterated by a nuclear blast. His body, which was slowly regenerating, takes even longer due to the irradiation. By 2291, his body finally mended itself enough that he was able to take stock of his situation and dig his way out of the (now soft) ground. Once again finding himself alone, Brenkin wandered the new world to see what had changed.

"These were the days of the Golden Gladiator, Lord Humongous, the Transmogrifier, Lady Kat, and other, lesser known superheroes. But it was not to last. Reaction Force disbanded when they were all successfully assassinated in 1990 by a suicide bomber."

As it turned out, a lot had changed. Brenkin led a short but successful career as a starship commander, working on several special ops teams. Brenkin was teamed up with B.A.B.E., a universal supercomputer, to track his movements. He battled the alien Lamproids, a lamprey-like race led by their emperor, Hithkothkorr.

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