BALLS Performer Registry

September '97


Sarah Stein music folksongs w/acoustic guitar, 5'2", blue eyes,really short brown hair
Gabriel Shapiro music original electric
Lisa Rock music Sing "Sunday in the Park With George"
Roger Hammer Poetry Collaborative
Darin Goulet poetry verses of angst and sorrow


Larry Havluck Music Larry is a singer-songwriter who pushes the envelope, but seldom breaks the condom -----
T. Gordon Anderson music, dance & poetry sitars and assorted string instruments created for mystic impact and global love vibe & enlightenment
Gregory Giles Storytelling original written works
Leslie Ball song "Sweet Misery" for Brian who was absent
John Gottsalksa Theater GREATER TUNA
Joseph Metzger music/theatre GREATER TUNA
Darin Goulet music funky folk-rock
Loren Niemi stories improvisation based on audience choice
Vanessa Muras music sang accapella


Ben Bakken Slide Guy I pushed button
James Jahoda spoken word performance
Melissa Gerr Photo slides Slides w/taped naration of Oregon State Fair
Karl Frost contact improv 3 short tries
Mike Merz music Pure brilliance
Kristin Van Loon contact improv 3 short tries
Jeremy Norton fiction short piece, revised since a yr 1/2 ago. "Swelter": silence, heat, dissolulution
Dan Schneider poetry poem
music Little Yellow Spaceship - song.
Arwen Wilder contact improv 3 short tries


Matt Jenson Dance Excerpt from solo dance concert.
Ari Hoptman monologue "how It Happened"
Nick Swardson comedy til it hurts!
Maren Hinderlie story stortelling
Larry Havluck songs 2 songs
Leslie Ball music "time to say goodbye"


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