BALLS Performer Registry

October '97


Dan Gardner music I sang some (3) songs that I wrote - and lived to tell
Jimmy Jahoda spoken word short story reflecting on trip to the lake - "Barfy"
Katie Rubio storyteller Skeleton Woman
Ari Hoptman bad poetry
Leslie Ball song "Mr Peacemaker"
Nick Swardson comedy


Larry Havluck music 2 original songs, 1 a-capella fun tune, one serious tune
Ari Hoptman sketch The Icelandic Storyteller
Kay Bowser Storyteller storyteller, cartoonist, writer
Gabriel Shapiro music erratic
Monty Del Zorro music Fighting pirates!
Roger Hammer poetry issues - oriented
Stede Del Zorro music pup out of the shadows
Craig Hergert sketch comedy Funny stuff!
Pablo Asspirate gay porno Poems w/ Roger Hammer
Nick Swardson comedy physical/stand up-like/comedy performance
Dan Schneider poetry Great
Loren Niemi improv an improvistation on the idea of being the devil
Dylan Wahl poetry poet


Improv Theatre A series of 5 cascading scenes with time leaps

Incomplete listing


Alexandra Alexander performance sing, play, costume, clown of god, oozilin' cowgirl, AMBUTOHKAN (Americanized Japenese Butch)
Larry Havluck music acappella Beard song
Kristin Van Loon dance Hijack + video + commentary
Ben Bakken Etymology
Mike Merz music sneak preview for CD release
Mark Safford Zamboni Art Sport
Wendy Morris All specializing in pseudo-sports color commentary
Ned Rousmaniere

Ari Hoptman etymology Stump the Etymologist
m&p music + poetry with Roger Hammer
Roger Hammer poetry spiritual with Pablo
Ochen Kaylan juggling dance, juggling
Megan McClellan dance Bullets with Buterfly Wings by Smashing Pumkins
Vanessa Muras music acappella original song
Colleen Kruse story drinkin' story
Arwen Wilder dance Hijack with video & commentary
Emily Nelson music song + guitar
Derek Hughes magic magical


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