BALLS Performer Registry

February '98


Ari Hoptman etymology+ reminiscences de L.A.
juggle trains & bricks
Kate Otis scene for an audition
Dean Hatton mime
Ben Bakken etymology me, me, ME and the other guy
Chris Shillock poetry translation (Pirate poem)
Dan Schneider poetry 2 pieces of love poetry
music+ "Crazy Shadow"
Rick Risch music & poetry ocassionally a song


Sola Adesiji poetry I read it and they listen (hopefully they like it)
Larry Havluck music Love songs with a true lovely friend, 20 years and going
Su Tyni music Love? Songs with Larry Havluck
Bill Roemer guitar/voice Religious Cult Suicide & Murder Phantom of the Opera
song+ w/Rhoda
Rhoda Reighard song+ Pablo & Rhoda song & improv
Ari Hoptman poetry "A Valentine's Wish"
self desicration self preservation/ insanity suppression
Jay Gilligan juggling
Loren Niemi story improvisation based on audience's choice of ghost or topical ??


Artists w/no discipline Mark Safford, Julian Robinson never know we will see
Leslie Ball music Valentines song
Dylan Wahl poet
La Mescla M.Cress,T.Escabedo,J.Ness,J.Odem,L.Trinh dance Dance group that specializes in urban jazz, funk, + hip hop
Tim Rivard poem
music+ Tune w/mo "I was an Enemy of Dance"
Emily Nelson music words & chords
Rhoda Reighard music+ Mother & Son
Jon Shuman spoken Monologue "Front Row Center with Thadeus Bristol"
Brandon Smith music ambiant music
Alison Novak writing Fat N' Happy
Brooke Beckman poetry


Larry Havluck music SELF-INFLICTED (introduced but not sung) & BREAKS
Avis Thomas story India
Joe Barry sketch Watergate
Kate Otis scene
Dan Schneider poetry Insurrectionist
Ari Hoptman
A act. "Lincoln@The Theatre"
Kristin Van Loon dance 4 minute improv duet
Chris Shillock poetry
Arwen Wilder dance 2 minute dance in drag to Tom Waits


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