BALLS Performer Registry

January '98


Leslie Ball music "New Year's Day" & birthday celebration
Derek Hughes magic truth or lie
Nick Swardson comedy
Jeremy Norton story
Larry Havluck music
Elissa Nelson story "Tough Girls"
Ari Hoptman comedy Impressions
Mike Merz music 2 songs
Jeremy Kaylan poetry
Loren Niemi story "january light"
Jay Martin juggling
music "Shotgun" & "Robot"


music+ "Drunk on Fist"
Chester McCoy music Bob Dylan meets Curtis Mayfield
Stephi Raucher music 2 songs
Dan Grider juggler juggle lots
Ben Bakken etymology w/Hoptman
Ari Hoptman etymology w/Bakken, & w/Hergert, w/Hammer
Katie Rubio stories Life Threatening Adventure
Jenny Burkhardt sketch "Meet the Chedders"
Roger Hammer Stand-Up Comment on animal furs w/Ari
Alison Nowak spoken word
Sola Adesiji poetry Read what I wrote. Sit and try to have the audience listen and come out with their own opinions.
Craig Hergert sketch comedy funny "Meet the Chedders"
Rhoda Reighard music "Bookshelf Mechanics"+
Emily Nelson music songs


Darin Goulet music song: "More Than Words"
Dan Schneider poetry historical poetry (ably assisted by Ari Hoptman)
Nick Swardson comedy bits
Fred van Dressen poetry
music guitar & percussion
song+ yak="swashbucklng", tune="If I Had A Gun"
Peter Andrew Thomas rant breif prelude; spoken word; brief satiriiical song
Bill Roemer music acoustic guitar; voice; original composition
Larry Havluck music new album by Kathy Mattea 'Love Travels', one cut just learned
Marty Grider poetry good
Dylan Wahl poetry poet
Mad Monkey Construction Agency construction stapling performer to a constructed wall
Colleen McClellan dance modern dance trio
Dorthy Cleveland storytelling


Leslie Ball music "Journal" & new one
Colleen Kruse auction $$$$ for LA trip
Jessica Hampton poetry non-fiction poetry! (with a hint of bitterness) (the best kind)
Dorothy Cleveland story story, part II
Ari Hoptman comedy stand up
Nathan Carlton song I sit down whilst strummin' and hummin'
Dean Hatton mime
Darin Goulet music songs and soul-searching
poetry pass-it poetry w/Isaac & Amanda
Ken Bradley shill trip fund raiser


phone LA phone call from Colleen, Ari, Jim, & Jackie
music "Once I was Alive"
Darin Goulet music+story song then explanation story
Terrence Folz performance poetry stuff
Brooke Beckman poetry somethin' sexual
Megan McClellan reading scene office scene written by Luke Walrath w/Joe Spencer
John Rauser dance I juggled some stuff
Joe Spencer reading scene written by Luke Walrath w/Megan McClellan
Dorothy Cleveland story part III
Nathaniel Wirkkula music I played guitar with Elena
Molly O'Brien music
Amish Power Company J.Bohn,S.Taylor,D.Novy,A.Masloski,C.Weeks music Acoustic(mostly) folk/rock/blues
Tim Donahue music Ambient, Sound Scapes - Sound Art
Luke Walrath reading scene scene I wrote
Elena Orsak music guitar & vocal


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