BALLS Performer Registry

March '98


Stuart Whitson music trio
Emma Nadler poetry poetry reading
music Firecracker
Aimee Whatley fiction writing
Ari Hoptman etymology A) words B) word stuff C)and B O-rama
Ben Bakken etymology A) B) C)
Stephen Zuckerman comedy stand-up comedy, stories, aphorisms
Tim Warumzer poetry ? Stream of conciousness
Craig Hergert sketch Clown college


Karen Lyu music TORAJI - Korean Jazz Waltz FLEUR de LIS - Brazilian Samba sung in Portuguese & English (w/gtr)
Nate Hessburg music 2 songs w/Marty G
Janet Beard dance 2 dancers
Dean Hatton dance 2 dancers
Martin Grider music 2 songs w/Nate H
Julia Neihart dance
James Allen music guitar w/Karen Lyu
musical song
Nancy Potek monologue sketch w/dance
Ari Hoptman play CAVE MAN DAYS (w/Ari, Ben Bakken, Leslie, Roger Hammer, Larry Havluck, Pete Thomas)
Tara Redepenning music 2 phat tunes (w/D.Goulet)
Darin Goulet music 2 phat tunes (w/T. Redepenning)
Lois Lattiner tap dancing a cappella round for tappers (Joe Chvala's class)
John Vandevelde dance dysfunctional band looking for drummer (w/Coleman Morast & James "Bucky" Buckvold
Larry Havluck music Trad. Ballad, Irish & Fireman Song
Sola Adejisi poetry
Chris Zobin video art/music The performance I'm doing tonight is called "Dolphin Island" - It's a video performance piece
Su Tyni music songs w/ Larry Havluck


Clint Allen sketch
Loren Niemi stories the Dark Buddah sits in amusement as Miss America kneels down to pray
Dan Schneider poetry provocative
Chris Jurek comedy I give the point of view of a person who was a fat kid, is now hairy and someday will be bald.
Jessica Wandrei short story Poetry? Short story? Music-vocal?
Tim Rivard wordsonpaper I read shit then I sit down
Leslie Ball music Better Late Than Later
Derek Hughes magic


Dean Hatton mime Plastic-surgeried Elvis & w/J. Beard
Mark Bussy music classical guitar
Mark Safford poem
Leslie Ball music MAIN ATTRACTION
Ari Hoptman spoken Musings about stuff
Larry Havluck music Dylan's "Blowing in the Wind"
music+ another gun song and assisted poetry
Janet Beard mime w/ D. Hatton
Ike Russel-Hart poetry reading
Roger Hammer stand-up commentary on funerals
Jason Weidemann poetry/spoken word


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