Original Compositions by

Edmund Sonador
Five Lines - Four Spaces

MIDI Files

Rainbow's End.mid
One Perfect Rose.mid
One Perfect Rose (Piano and Vocal).mid
End Of September.mid
I Know I Don't Have Time For Love.mid
Toca A Mi Puerta.mid
Rhiannan's Song.mid

NoteWorthy Composer Sheet Music Files
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Rainbow's End (Full Score).nwc
Rainbow's End (Vocal).nwc
Rainbow's End.htm (Words)

One Perfect Rose (Full Score).nwc
One Perfect Rose (Piano Vocal).nwc
One Perfect Rose.htm (Words)

End Of September.nwc
I Know I Don't Have Time For Love.nwc
Toca A Mi Puerta.nwc

Rhiannan's Song.nwc
Rhiannan's Song.htm (Words)
Rhiannan's Song.doc (MS Word)

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Liner Notes

Poetry and Prose (Desperate Cry.htm)
Desperate_Cry.doc (MS Word)

The Dream
The_Dream.doc (MS Word)

Saving Grace lyrics
perfomed by Point of Grace
Witches Work
Windows 10 - first look

Canon iMage Gateway Albums

Feodora at Portside    Toledo Botanical Gardens    Toledo Zoo

Toledo Zoo 2013    Cinco de Mayo 2013 at the zoo    Australian Walkabout

Toledo Zoo Dart Frog Dash    Race for the Cure 2012    Race for the Cure 2013

Race for the Cure 2014    Race for the Cure 2015    Race for the Cure 2016

Ellen Jackson Ovarian Cancer 5k Walk 2014     Ellen Jackson Ovarian Cancer Walk 2015     Ellen Jackson Ovarian Cancer Walk 2016

Toledo Museum of Art    Westmoor    Wildwood 2013


Hobby Photography

Arimecibo Island    Arimecibo    Arimecibo Day 2    Island Window

Baking Cookies    Sports Fans    Halloween    Thanksgiving 2008

Esperanza    Esperanza 2    Carlotta Black Wig    Snow Queen

Visit to Kilkenny Castle    Island Girl Dixie    Dixie Under the Sea    Inflatable Ugrades and Stands

Wa Ska Igmu's Kittens


Adventures on the Holodeck
The pictures on the following pages were created using DAZ3D (Digital Art Zone)
and Photoshop Elements 7.

Captain's Log: Part 1    Captain's Log: Part 2    Captain's Log: Part 3

Captain's Log: Part 4    Captain's Log: Part 5    Captain's Log: Part 6

Captain's Log: Part 7    Captain's Log: Part 8    Captain's Log: Part 9

Captain's Log: Part 10    Captain's Log: Part 11    Captain's Log: Part 12

Captain's Log: Part 13    Captain's Log: Part 14    Captain's Log: Part 15


Feodora's Photo Shoots

Northwest Ohio Race for the Cure
These are the Susan G. Komen Northwest Ohio Race for the Cure®
events in Toledo, Ohio in which I participated.
Feodora always models the tee shirts before I get to wear them!

Thank you Oleg, Irina and friends!    Feodora's Profile    Elyria Shoot

Feodora at Home    Feodora Dressed for a Date    Feodora in Black

Feodora in the Kitchen    Feodora's Study Time    Feodora in the Fostoria Gazebo at Christmas

Model Citizen    Rendezvous by Candlelight    Thanksgiving Day Shoot 2010

Welcome to Toledo    A Windy Day at Westmoor    Feodora's Recorder Recital

Westmoor Lady in Red    At The Zoo    Feodora's Summer Casual Clothes

Another Nice Day    Warm Weather Cookout    Dappled Beauty

UT Scott Park    Rain and Shine    Return to UT Scott Park

Toledo Botanical Gardens    Back to the Garden    Garden Reshoot

Costume Change    Korobushka    Autumn Reflections

Odd Shots    More Odd Shots

Feodora's Photoshop World Tour    Treasure Hunt    Cruising with Camp

Spring Fling    Sentimental Journey    Visit to the Glass Bowl

Rainy Days and Mondays    Portside    Luncheon at the Arimecibo Cafe

Too Much Spring    Picnic and a Lazy Day    Sale Shopper

Simple Elegance    High Stakes Card Game    Canadian Doll Parliament

Toledo Botanical Gardens 4    Westmoor Christmas 2013    Valentine's Day 2014

Easter Goose Eggs    Home Shopping Network    Morning Light

Zoo Pets    Feodora Practicing Her Craft    Witchy Woman

Fans of Jim Butcher's The Dresden Files    Halloween Dance    A Puzzling Situation    The Cookie Files

Dressember Shoots

Dressember    Jennifer's Dress    Be The Hero of Your Own Story

Stay Wicked    Dogeared Necklaces    2018 Fundraisers

Dressember 2018    2019 Fundraisers    Dressember 2019    Dressember 2020

   Feodora Models Jennifer's Dresses

Feodora with PhotoShop

Feodora's Photoshop World Tour    Cruising with Camp    Visit to Chichén Itzá

Dollstock 2010    Dollstock 2011

Dollstock 2012 Part 1    Dollstock 2012 Part 2

Dollstock 2013 - Dolls at Cheers    Dollstock 2013 - This is how we roll

DAZ Galleries
Galleries of renders produced with Digital Art Zone software.

Redhouse Christmas Carol
Redhouse Sweet Shoppe

The albums below have my model, Feodora Photoshopped into DAZ renders.
I also have the DAZ character "Feodora" who may appear in some of the renders.

The Study
The Mansion
Victorian House
Back to School

Stock Photography
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