Baron's Resume

Cinderlad White Lightning CGC,TDI
Birthday January 17, 1993
Toledo, Ohio USA

  • A Breed Apart School of Dog Training
    • Obedience major
Favorite Activities
  • Eating
  • Watching Television
    • Discovery Channel Animal Series
    • Movies: Milo and Otis, Beethoven
  • Playing
    • Prefers soft stuffed toys
    • Balls
    • Tug ropes
    • With other dog friends
  • Car Rides
    • To training sessions
    • To fast food establishments
    • To Grandma's house where I get spoiled rotten!
  • School Visitation
    • Teaching kids how to properly meet and greet a dog.
    • Getting petted by as many little hands as I can find!
    • Doing obedience routines and tricks.
  • Sleeping
    • Prefers cool tile flooring
    • Near the air conditioner in the summer
  • BEGGING!-which I am best at!
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