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Subject: great page
Date: Sun, 8 Feb 1998 10:40:37 EST
From: Corey

I really enjoyed your web page. I was wondering if you knew where to stay on the north shore in order to be able to see the sun setting into the ocean without being obstructed by the coastline? Is this only possible in Ha'ena point? I'm considering staying at the hanalei colony resort and wondering what the sun setting view is from that point of shore(at the end of April). Thanks again for the enjoyable tour of the North Shore. :-)

As I recall, Hanalei Colony Resort faces more to the northEAST. You could get sunrise views, but not sunsets. Not sure there is anywhere to get a GOOD sunset view in April, as the sun is rising/setting only a few degrees north of due east/west. If that is really important to you, your best bet would be to find something right on the cliffs in the northwest part of Princeville (I know there are timeshares there like The Cliffs and Pahio at Shearwater, but don't know if there are available rentals), or possibly a house rental out beyond Haena State Park -- if it is near enough to the beach not to have its views blocked by vegitation.

The maps on Howard Faria's web site may be of some help. I'd suggest your best bet is to contact one or more of the local real estate outfits, many of whom handle rental of homes and privately owned condos. You can track a number of them down from the Hawaii section of my GETAWAYS travel page.

Good luck in your hunt,
Doug Wilson, The Makai Guy

Subject: Studio on the ocean edge
Date: Sat, 07 Feb 1998
From: Howard C Roche Jr

Aloha Doug,

Very Informative! Great site! I am also a frequent visitor to the Islands, mostly Maui. I had the chance to visit Kauai in 1995 and truly enjoyed the North Shore. I am planning another trip at the end of this month and I plan on hiking the Kalalau. While there in 95 I made the 4 mile hike to the waterfall and I have been looking forward to hiking the entire trail . But I would like to rent a small studio right on the ocean for a few days and I was wondering if you have any suggestions. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have been searching but a little local knowlage would be great!

Mahalo ! !
Howie Roche
Nobska Point
Woods Hole MA

Well, my "local" knowledge is only slightly more local than yours, since I'm currently looking out my window at a snowy yard in Michigan ...

Since we own at a timeshare development in Princeville, I have no personal knowledge of the rental situation on The North Shore. You might benefit from a quick visit to the Hawaii section of my GETAWAYS travel page where I have collected some links to, among other things, some vacation home rental firms. If nothing else, you can spend a nice evening dreaming about the pictures you can find in some of them.

Good luck in your quest.

Subject: Thanks
Date: Sun, 18 Jan 1998 12:56:16
From: Wendy W. Henderson

Thanks for your North Shore page, looking forward to a visit, your suggests are apreciated!

Subject: hi
Date: Fri, 28 Nov 1997
From: Chuck & Ann Neuenschwander

We will be returning early March for our 4th visit, after being married at the Grotto nearly 10 years ago. We'll stay mostly in the same fantastic condo as on the previous trips. However, this time I want to try something different.

Do you recommend tenting at the waterfall on the Napali? If so, where do we write (e-mail?) for a permit. Is there some concern for safety? We'll hike, at least, to the waterfall this time, as we decided last time that was a prerequisite for any future trip there. We walked about half-way there last time. This time we plan to have appropriate shoes.

I would like to stay in a different place our first night there. I remember some cabins being for rent at Waimea canyon. Can you tell me how to locate info on them? Are there any specific cabins you would recommend?

"The" waterfall at Napali?? There are lots of them. I am assuming you mean Hanakapiai - the one I mention on my web site? I am just a day hiker who prefers a nice bed and a shower at the end of the day -- my years of sleeping on the cold hard ground in a tent are long gone. I seem to recall that camping is only permitted in designated sites, and I don't recall seeing any near the waterfall. Camping is permitted down near Hanakapiai Beach though.

I have links from my web site to information on both camping and cabins on Kauai. Can't recommend any specific Waimea cabin, as I've never stayed in them. You might also like to check out a letter I received from a nice lady named Judy Yero after her return from a Napali hike.

Have a great time on your trip,
Doug Wilson, The Makai Guy

Subject: Hello
Date: Wed, 12 Nov 1997
From: Roseville California Guy

Hello Makai Guy,

Gimme da truth. How much does it rain on the north shore of Kauai. Especially near Kilauea where my friend wants to sell me his home.

From Roseville California Guy

Maybe you should be asking your friend. At this point I've only been there in the summer time - our November trip this year was cancelled by a death in the family.

In the summer time, at least, any time we've been there it would often be raining up in the mountains, but seldom out at the edge of the island where the beaches and most of the golf courses and homes are. Short lived showers are not uncommon as the edge of a mountain cloud may occasionally blow out from the center of the island, but a minute or two later the sun is out again.

Good luck with your decision,
Doug Wilson, the Makai Guy

Subject: Kauai trip
Date: Fri, 7 Nov 1997 14:33:11 -0600
From: Lunn, Steven P

Dear Makai Guy, This is a note to let you know that my girlfriend and I just got back from a week on Kauai, and I wanted to thank you for your North Shore page! I had not been to Hawaii in 20 (!!??!!) years, and had never been to the Garden Isle your little travelogue was quite helpful and informative. Just to let you know, if you were unaware of it, Charo's is now the North Shore Grill or something to that effect.

Nope - first I've heard of it. Something for me to check out whenever I manage to get back there.

Anyway, the island is absolutely as spectacular as you suggested, and it won't be 20 more years till my next visit! Everyone there is so accomodating and pleasant it's remarkable, and the scenery is stupendous! I look forward to seeing more of the place in the future (though we saw a tremendous amount of stuff in one short week!) I envy your yearly dosage of Paradise, I can tell you that!

I envy those who get a yearly dose, too! I own two timeshare weeks there every year, but sure can't afford to return every year - more like every three or four. But in the off years, my Makai Club weeks trade very well for nice resorts a bit closer to home.

In closing, I'd like to extend an invitation to you to write me via e-mail, if only to give me a few more pointers on restaurants and little-known spots to visit next time...I'd greatly appreciate it!! Thanks for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

One of the best restaurants we've ever enjoyed is A Pacific Cafe in Kapa'a - doesn't look like much from the outside - just a storefront in a strip mall - but the quisine is fantastic. There are supposed to be some really nice places on the south shore, but you're talking to the wrong guy to learn about them since we always stay in the North. Up north, I've already pointed you to my faves in my web page.

As for unknown places - when you hit Kauai next time, head for a bookstore. There are a number of excellent guide books available.

Subject: Kaua'i dreamer
Date: Wed, 08 Oct 1997
From: Yvette Keller Dear Makai Guy,

Thank you for putting together such a fabulous site on the north coast of Kaua'i!

I have been dying to get back to the island since I first visited it with my parents well over 10 years ago.

As a kid, you don't get to do all the fun things you want, first because you're a kid, and second because after all, you're on vacation with your *parents*!

I've decided to remedy this by going back this February, for my 25th birthday, hopefully with a large group of friends around my age.

Sorry for the delay in responding. Am recovering from knee surgery, and have not been able to get up the stairs to access my computer. But on to your questions..

I have a few questions for you:

Have you actually hiked the entire 11 mi. trail into the Kalalau Valley?

Nope - since my wife will NOT go out on a long trail (and with my knee, maybe I can't do it any more either) I tend to limit myself to day trips.

Is 11 miles in the first available campground, or can you do the hike over more than one day?

No, there are several beaches and side valleys along the way that have campsites. Permits are required and my understanding is you can't stay at any one site more than one night. For a letter from one of my site visitors who returned from hiking the Kalalau, visit

Do standard water-filters (like the ones I've always used on camping trips in Sequoia, CA) deal with goat pollution?

I would expect so, but I suggest you check further as I am not knowledgeable in this area.

Any nitty-gritty info and tips you can let me know about from your personal experiences would be appreciated as I am trying to decide if my group is up to the challenge of hiking and camping out for 3-4 days on the Kalalau trail...

Would suggest a web search under the word Kalalau and see what you can find.

Good luck,
The Makai Guy

Subject: Reading your Kauai page
Date: Wed, 1 Oct 1997

Hi, this is the first time I have ever written to someone from a web page. I had to say that I feel the same way many on your wriiters do about the North Shore. I have been there three times and it is truely a place that captures your heart the first time you go. I has a certain tranquility that is most serene. I have stayed at Hanalai Colony Resort before the hurricane came. I would like to visit this winter and bring my teenagers but am concerned about the rough waters. I think I would opt to stay on the South Shore. Can you tell me a place where I can be on the beach and away from the commercializm a little bit, I know it will not be the same as the north shore but I think i would be concerned on a daily basis to have my son being persuaded to enter that tumultuous water. PLease give me your take on this. HOw about Embassy Suites on poi pu point? I have heard good and bad. Thanks and hope to hear from you. kupaluau

Aloha, Kalico! I'm afraid I can't help you much re Kauai's South Shore. I have stayed only at a hotel called Islander on the Beach in Kapaa (at the Cocoanut Plantation) and at several places on the North Shore. We will be heading to Princeville in early November - the first time we've been there in anything other than the summer months.

I have a number of lodging links in the Hawaii section of my Getaways travel page. Perhaps one of them could help in your quest. Current address of this page is:

Good luck,
The Makai Guy

Subject: Hiking in Kauai
Date: Thu, 21 Aug 1997 22:26:45


I'll be visiting Kauai for the second time this year and I'm interested in doing some hiking, at least the kind that's not so strenuous since I've no experience in hiking to boast of. I've been told one must not do so alone. However, I'll be there alone and I don't think I should deprive myself of the experience. I think I can benefit from your advice.

Dear Nobody -

If nobody should hike alone, I guess you'll be fine by yourself.

My advice would be to stay on well-travelled trails (the 2-mile beginning stretch of the Kalalau Trail that goes to Hanakapiai Beach would qualify) and don't tackle anything that forces you to climb a steeper slope than you're comfortable with.

All of the trails on Kauai will impregnate your shoes with red iron-rich dirt that you'll never get out, so keep that in mind when choosing footwear. The trails are rocky, so good ankle support is a good idea. But don't be intimidated by all this, just consider yourself to be going for a pleasant stroll in the park - rest when tired, and don't over-extend yourself. DO take a small daypack with plenty of drinking water (I like to just fill one or two 2-liter soft drink bottles).

Subject: north shore-kauai
Date: Sun, 03 Aug 1997

Hi, I really enjoyed your website and articles. I had to sign off before I finished, and would you believe, I can't find you again! So, please, can you give me your website address? I don't even remember how I found you in the first place!

Well, by golly, THAT's a new one!

You'll find my North Shore Kauai site at:

Subject: your web page
Date: Sun, 13 Jul 1997
From: Amy Church & King Turner


I really enjoyed your tour, I printed out the page and archived in my Kauai info file. My fiance and I are planning our honeymoon on Kauai, and after visiting dozens of web pages, we're about ready to elope and move the honeymoon up!

We are on a budget, so we plan to hike and camp for half our visit to extend the length of time we can stay. We are looking forward to hiking the Kalalau Trail to the end and back. Do you think we could spend 5 days on the trail, stopping a long the way? Or perhaps you have advice on other places to hike and camp as well.

Quite honestly, one of the reasons we're going to Hawaii is to check out the job situation there, to see about the possibility of moving to the Pacific. My searches inyo honeymoon information have only increased my desire to move...I wonder to myself "Why am I here in Boston, when I could be in Hawaii?" We'll see...

Thanks in advance for any advice you send our way!

I seem to have lost my reply, sorry!

Date: Thu, 26 Jun 1997 12:49:38 -0700
From: Sharon Marcus,
Subject: northshore

Thank you so much for this site. It was almost as wonderful as a return trip to Kauai. I relived a trip I made there a couple of years ago. I long to return because I have never felt so relaxed and "at home" anywhere. Is there a similar site(s) for the rest of the Island?

Aloha, Sharon!

I certainly agree with you. Never has any other place grabbed our emotions like the Garden Isle (the Canyon Country of southern Utah comes darned close, though ...)

I searched and searched for a good Kauai site, and finally decided I had to create one myself. I don't know of any other similar sites for the rest of the island - if I find any, I'll be sure to provide links to them. If you come across a good one I'm not already linking to, I'd LOVE to hear about it.

Date: 17 Jun 1997, 20:26:00
From: Jann Calandro
Subject: (Guestbook entry)

That's quite a great service that you are providing- It is very hard to describe the beauty that Kauai offers to people who have never experienced it before. My husband and I were fortunate enough to visit back in 1984. And, I am happy to report that we will be going back again, this time with our daughter who is 11 yrs. old, and is very excited to be gooing to such a special place. I was wondering if you had any favorite restaurants that you frequent, or care to reccomend any brunches that you are especially fond of. We will be coming to Kauai in July and have rented a house in Princeville. We had considered the Colony, but thought it might be just a little to quite.... Do you know much about the night life? Looking forward to conversing with another "convert" to island of Kauai. Mahalo! Jann

[Quick paraphrase] Our favorite North Shore restaurant is the Dolphin in Hanalei, but the Tahiti Nui is darned good too. Up in Princeville you can't go wrong with Chuck's Steak House or the restaurants at either of the two resort hotels. Another "don't miss" is A Pacific Cafe in one of the small shopping strips in Kapaa on the east side of the island.

As for nightlife, we are usually so whipped after a day of golfing, hiking, or beaching and snorkeling, that we tend to crash pretty early. One of these years we're going to make it to the luau at the Tahiti Nui - supposedly there is lots of local talent and a more authentic experience than the tourist hoopla dished out at the glitzier places.

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Date: Mon, 16 Jun 1997 20:35:16 -0400
From: Anne Gaffney
Subject: "Resistance is futile, you will be assimilated"

Hello Doug,

Just visited your site for the first time and loved it! I visited Kauai with my husband for the first time in Aug '95 and became an immediate convert. We purchased a week at the Marriott Beach Club, which we love, but that was before we experienced the lure of the North shore! We stayed at the Princeville Hotel for a few nights and grew to love Hanalai. I long to return, especially after re-living the experience through your North Shore tour. I'm sending a copy to my sister, in hopes that she will honeymoon there!

Hopefully we will find ourselves there again soon .

Anne - what a nice note. Isn't it amazing how the net eventually brings kindred spirits together?

Our original plan for this year had us on Kauai right about now. But a job transfer, building a home at new location, selling old one, etc etc etc has caused us to put the trip off til November. This will be the first time we've been there in non-summer months, so we're looking forward to some new experiences.

Maybe sometime we'll be on the island at the same time and can trade mai tais on each others' lanais.

The Makai Guy

[Note: I responded to a message from this writer on the Timeshare Users Group bulletin board, which led her to email me directly. If you are "into" timesharing, you owe it to yourself to check out this web site. Tell them the Makai Guy sent you (grin).]

Date: Mon, 16 Jun 1997 07:12:52 -0700
From: betty sue walton
Subject: January in Kauai

Thanks for the reply on Jan in Kauai. We are really looking forward to our trip. I have also enjoyed your website. I'm going to print it out to take with me.When you return in Nov please let us know how it was, and , what is new. Would a 4-wheel drive rental be good to have or would a reg car be good? Thanks for the info. Hope to meet you and your family there some day.

Betty & Shelby from Ga.

Regular 2wd family type car should be fine. There may be some roads where a 4wd would be useful, but I haven't run into them in 7 visits to Kauai. Normally, when you run out of paving, that's where the hiking trails start.

Date: 10 Jun 1997, 20:40:00 From: Norb Woolsey
Subject: (Guestbook entry)

You did a great job on our favorite island, and location. We always stay in Princeville, have the last 4 years and again this year. The green flash is NO joke, we've seen it twice, once on Kona and once on Cozumel, Mexico. Keep up the good work.

Date: Fri, 06 Jun 1997 09:01:54 -0400
From: Marsha Long
Subject: Kauai :)

Hi Doug,

Imagine our surprise and delight to find your website containing these beautiful pictures of Kauai. We just returned from there 3 days ago after visiting Hawai for the first time last week to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary. I happened to catch your web site address while reading an Infinet newsgroup posting.

[Infinet is my former internet provider]

We were vacationing at Honolulu and had the opportunity to visit Kauai to see an Embassy Suite's time share resort. (Sadly we didn't buy the time share, and now probably wish we had.) Although I do think that Princeville may offer more of what we were looking for. (We are both avid golfers.)

We were only on Kauai for 24 hours, but fell immediately in love with the island, driving around in a rental car and taking lots and lots of shots with our camera and camcorder. Being there such a short time, we had lots to see and missed quite a bit, I'm sure.

We just wanted to take the time to thank you for the work you put into this web page, and to share our love of Kauai with you.

Mahalo (and I hope I spelled that correctly),

Marsha and John Long

Date: 13 May 1997, 13:05:00
From: Lee
Subject: (Guestbook entry)

Loved this web site!! Could totally relate to the inability to express what Kalalau Trail is like. Been there twice and get heart-sick when I see pictures. Thanks for the memories!!

Subject: response Date: Sat, 03 May 1997 09:18:33 -0700
From: Char Mansfield

WOW! Your virtual tour of Kauai is the best I've seen! (and if you could see my bookmarks, you'd know I've seen a lot!) My husband were there last year for only 5 days, but, like you, were captivated by Kauai and bought a time share, so now we HAVE to go back each year! We're leaving May 28 and will be there for 2 weeks! I'll email you when we return.

Your photos are magnificent! I especially appreciate that they're small to reduce loading time. My fav, of course, is the double rainbow. Can I get a copy of the negative. I just have to have that photo in my den!

Bert & Char Mansfield

Heh heh. Figured there was no hurry in responding, since you were leaving the 28th. Just realized that's MAY 28, not APRIL 28, so you haven't gone yet. Duhhhh....

We have two weeks also - a one bedroom condo and a two bedroom cottage, both at Makai Club in Princeville. We can only get there once every few years, but we've got our own GREAT place to stay when we do go, and a place that trades *very* well on the years we can't. We were planning to go in June and would have overlapped with you, in fact, but because of a job transfer this summer, we've rescheduled this back to November. Have never been to the Islands any time other than summer before, so should be interesting.

Hope you enjoy your trip - let us know how it turns out.

I could probably be talked into selling you a copy of that print if you are really interested, after your return. You may take some pix of your own that would make mine less desirable (grin).

Mahalo and aloha,
The Makai Guy

Date: Thu, 24 Apr 1997 16:19:31 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: RE: Upcoming visit to Kauai

Aloha Makai Guy!

It is obvious you love Kauai. You have a great page and lots of great info. I have bookmarked your page for future reference.

Could you give me you input? I have reserved accomodations at the River Estate Bed & Breakfast. Are you familiar with them? Are they great as their web page indicates?

[I have to paraphrase here - can't find the actual reply]
Sorry, I have no direct knowledge of River Estate, although I agree their web site looks mighty attractive. I think I know exactly where this is, and if I'm right, it is indeed a lovely setting.

.. and then I heard from him/her again on 25 Apr 1997:

After I sent it, I read your mail bag and realized that you must get tons of email with the same type of question. I appreciate your courtesy.

Omigod! Did you really wade thru that whole thing? Wunnadesedays I've got to trim that sucker back a mite.

Well, I practically beg people to write me, so I can hardly fail to respond, can I? (grin)

Your remarks about the location of River Estates and your impression of their website was helpful. I will let you know how it was when we return.

Yes, please do! I'd love to hear.

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Date: Sun, 9 Feb 1997 01:12:42 -0500 (EST)
From: (Name withheld)
Subject: your lovely page

please don't post name and address. I just had to tell you what a lovely experience it was to go to Hawaii. I never wanted to go before. Funny I would stumble on it at this late hour, my son is in Hawaii on business for 3 weeks. Thank you for all the work and photos you have. I will definitely bookmark your website. About me? I am just a rank beginner, having a ball in the middle of the night.

Mahalo (thank you) for the nice note. It's always good to hear from someone who has enjoyed visiting my little opus.

When we visited the Islands for the first time, in 1984, we just expected one more "nice" visit to another "nice" place. Never did we dream it would create such a hold on us. It should be interesting to see if it has the same effect on your son. Hope he has some free time to explore a bit - there's MUCH more to Hawaii than Honolulu!

[To which our "nameless" correspondent replied:]

Date: Sunday, 23 February, 1997 1:55 AM
Subject: Re: your lovely page

Thanks for the reply. It had the same effect on him. He wants to have a shaved ice machine and just sit on top of a mountain the rest of his life. He is serious about wanting to get back. Fortunately his wife was able to accompany him and she is as far gone as he is. Yes he traveled all the islands in his work and just loved working if you could call it that. Thanks again for the lovely pictures, I can still see them. Have fun.

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Date: Thu, 30 Jan 1997 19:32:00 -0700
From: John Librett
Subject: Kaua'i

Great Web page! My wife and I are heading to your paradise in July. We will be diving on the Kona Coast for about five days and will then be hanging-up our regulators for hiking boots. We will be traveling to Kaua'i for five days of hiking and camping. I have one question - what could we expect for airfare from from Hawaii to Kauai? Again, thank you for the great webpage, the time and effort it took to create it is much appreciated. John.

Glad you enjoyed your vicarious visit to Kauai.

If you are taking your own diving gear such that you'll have it with you, the Tunnels beach area mentioned on my page is supposed to be a good spot - I know it goes deeper than I wish to go with just a snorkle (of course, I AM a bit of a wuss in that regard ...)

As I recall, the interisland fare for non-residents was about $89 one way, two years ago on Aloha Airlines. Residents get a nice price break, subsidised by the state, I assume. Aloha has a web site at but I can't find mention of the fare there.

Enjoy your visit to paradise!

Date: Mon, 27 Jan 1997
From: David
Subject: I need some work on Kauai!

Makai Guy:

You rang?

I read through all of your messages and didn't seem to find one regarding employment on the island. It's been my dream since I first saw the islands as a kid to move to Hawaii after college to work and live.

I finally graduated college. I would consider it the opportunity of a lifetime and the fulfillment of a dream to be able to support my stay.

If you know where I should direct my inquiry, will you please send me -mail?

Thanks very much and great site.
Los Angeles.

I'm afraid I can't help you much, David, as I have never looked into this. How are you at lighting tiki torches?

Good luck in your quest.

Date: Tue, 21 Jan 1997 (or thereabouts ...)
Subject: Vacation, Kauai

We enjoyed your page on the North Shore. We are trying to find a timeshare or condo for rent in Kauai. Do you have any to recommend?

Thank you for your assistance.

Russ and Cindy

The only place I can recommend from personal experience is the one I mentioned on my North Shore pages - Hanalei Colony Resort. Be sure to ask for a unit on the water, as not all of them are. Prior to buying into our timeshare at Princeville, we stayed there twice and really enjoyed the peace and tranquility. I can see where it could be a tad TOO relaxing for some folks, though - no televisions or telephones in the rooms, at least back then.

I also maintain a travel page called GETAWAYS ( that has some links to condo rentals in the Hawaii section. Have a look especially at Jim Pycha's Emmalani Kai, and the Anini Vacation Rentals links. There's lots of condo rental info available on the net, and you can have a ball sorting thru it.

Another source of information that may work for you is magazines. If you have a large magazine source nearby, see if you can pick up a travel-related magazine or two. Normally, they have classified ads in the back where you can find lots of rentals (we subscribe to Hawaii Mag and it is LOADED).

Have fun in paradise,
The Makai Guy

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[This one is a little different. It's an outbound message from me to the CBO Kauai folks.]

Date: Tue, 7 Jan 1997 15:44:17 -0500 (EST)
From: Doug Wilson <>
Subject: North Shore Kauai pages


Being a curious sort (that's MY description, others would say "nosy"), every so often I do an AltaVista search for the URL of my web pages, to see who has linked to them. Today I found the link from your Taro Patch pages to my "shrine" to your beautiful North Shore.

I am truly humbled that you thought my pages were in sufficient harmony with the vision and goals of your CBO net that you wished to link to them. Promoting a tourist location is always such a touchy endeavor - one wishes to share the beauty and ambience with others, but fears that the very act of doing so may help destroy that which we so greatly loved in the first place. I have tried to strike a balance in my text, but it probably is still slanted toward the hit-and-run tourist, I fear.

I have thoroughly explored your site and have great appreciation for what you are attempting to do. If I have helped in some minor way, I am very glad.

Mahalo and aloha,
Doug Wilson, "The Makai Guy"

p.s. I'll be adding a link to your site - I think your efforts are worth promoting, and should be of interest to at least SOME of my more enlightened visitors.

Date: Tue, 7 Jan 1997 01:23:13 -0800
From: Kenyatta Whiteside
Subject: KALALAU


Your web page is great. Thank you very much for taking the time to do such a good job.

Notes such as yours from visitors to the site have made the effort to put it together MORE than worthwhile. Mahalo.

I hiked the Kalalau trail back in 1973 (one of few black people back then) and had forgot many of the details, until seeing your descriptions.

Guess it must be time to do it again and refresh all the memories, eh? <grin>

Is the YMCA camp still there near the end of the road?

Yep, as of two summers ago, anyhow. It's my landmark to start looking for the parking area for Tunnels Beach.

My only problem now is trying to decide which is actually the more beautiful Kalalau or Haleakla which I hiked three years ago.


Kenyatta Whiteside

Ooooh! I'm jealous. All I've done at Haleakala is view it from the top, and one short spur trail several miles down the road from the summit. Maybe some day ..

Thanks for taking the time to drop me a note. It really is appreciated.

Mahalo and aloha,
The Makai Guy

Date: Thu, 02 Jan 1997 13:22:21 +0000
From: John Davis
Subject: thanks and ...

I just viewed your web site in preperation for my 2 week trip to kauai and wanted to say thanks.

You're quite welcome - glad you enjoyed the site.

Also, the green flash is a real phenomenon that I have personally viewed many times from my home in Cardiff by the Sea, CA.

It's easy to observe but is often better clasified as a "green glow" that takes place in the last seconds of the sun setting. Depending on the atmospheric conditions it can last from a few micro seconds to several seconds.

Hope you have a chance to experience it someday.

thanks again for all the helpful info.


Heh heh. Yeah, I know it's real - a little "artistic license" was used in the text of the site. Have a GREAT visit. Maybe SOMEDAY I'll also be able to visit during whale-watching season.

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Date: Mon, 02 Dec 1996 03:15:48 -0500
From: Jim & Mel Febbroriello,
Subject: Aloha from Ct.


I really have enjoyed viewing your site on the web. I can tell you are really very fond of Kauai.

Really? And I try so hard to hide it ... <grin>

I was lucky enough to go there last November for two weeks. I was on a group tour and went to four islands which ended with Kauai. My favorite place was the Canyon. Unfortufnately because I was with a large group I didn't get to see some of the things the way you describe them. Next time I go back it will be on my own and I'll know what to plan to do. Keep up the good work. I'm going to bookmark your site for sure.

Melody Febbroriello

You are more than welcome to come back any time you need a little dose of paradise. Mahalo for the nice note.

Mele Kalikimaka,
Doug, the Makai Guy

Date: Thu, 28 Nov 1996 23:53:09 -0500
From: Michael Fenichel,
Subject: North Shore Kauian Tour

Dear FDW,

I just went looking all over Hawaiian sites, Aloha.Net, etc., and wanted to highlight something on a "Travel" section I maintain for fun. I didn't like most because like they were ads for one hotel or many hotels, and very little flavor of Hawaii--the importance of wind, sea, aloha, etc.

Just now I have stumbled across your page and nearly died--it is so beautiful and explains Kauai very well to those on the mainland who have never visited, and also shares the "Jewel" of the North shore with those of us who remember it well.

I have just put it up, as I said, as a link, with a very positive description (true, of course). Your work is as beautiful as the island!

Mahalo for the enthusiastic note. I had a lot of fun putting my site together, and it's nice to know that it brings some measure of pleasure to those lucky folks who manage to stumble across it.

I have a great many slides from Kauai, Big Island, Maui, and Oahu. Someday I'll scan them and put up a Hawaii page of my own, maybe with quotes from Michener, or Princess Liliuokalani, Last Queen, or with my own travel stories and those of my friends, or just a photo gallery... I'll get to it in the next year or so!

Heh heh. It's a nice project for some long cold winter evenings. Rumor has it we may have a few of them in the not too distant future ...

But for now, I'm pleased to have a link to your page...hope you get some extra visitors, and I will tell my friends to check out your page. It's beautiful.

You may enjoy some of the Travel and New York City links which are up on my own page, near where I put a link to your page:

Expect a visit from the ol' Makai Guy shortly ...

And Happy Thanksgiving!

Michael Fenichel
New York

I enjoyed my visit to Michael's page - some nice photography and interesting links - so I provided a link to it, above.

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Date: Thu, 07 Nov 1996 10:34:09 +0000
From: Harriet
Subject: Excellent page

My husband and I are planning a trip to Kauai in January and I just found your Web site. This was the best Web site I've found on Kauai, and I can't wait to hike the trail along the Na Pali coast. You have inspired me! Also, I think I'll book reservations at the Hanalei Colony Resort because of your description (I was tossed up between there and Waimea Planatation Cottages).

We really enjoyed Hanalei Colony, but it's not for everyone - no phones or televisions in the rooms (unless they have changed that recently). We always stayed in a 2nd floor condo in one of the buildings along the shore-side of the property. Can't tell you anything about Waimea Plantation though.

Also, one note: your link to the green flash needs to be updated. The Web site your linked to has changed addresses and it was a little tough to find.

Thanks for your great work! I truly appreciated it.

Best regards,

Thanks for the heads-up on the green flash link. I haven't attempted to follow it in a while. And mahalo to YOU for the nice note. Enjoy your stay in Paradise!

[Note: Although I 'fixed' the Green Flash link by finding another site dealing with the subject, THAT address was only good for several weeks before IT went dead too!. As I write this, I've changed to yet a THIRD green flash page! Ah, the joys of maintaining a web site ...]

Date: Wed, 30 Oct 1996
From: Chele Crisafi,
Subject: What an HONOR!!!!

WOW! I am truely honored by being the first! Woo woo! Thank you! Mahalo nui loa! I don't know what to say .. .. except ...(bowing..and saying very slowly ... "Thank you... Thank you very much) ;) Your page is awesome! I'm even more impressed than I was the first time!

Well, you know how it is .. gotta keep tweaking things ... Mahalo for the kind words.

By the way, are you having a banner made for you or is it already done? If so, by whom?

Do you mean my banner for Link Exchange? Did it myself. I used LView to capture a 40x400 pixel section of my site's background and saved it as a bmp file. Then I loaded that into the paint program that came with Win95 to add the text, button, etc. and saved it as a bmp. Then I loaded THAT back into LView and saved it as a gif.

[In the off chance that anyone out there is interested, here is the banner in question. Kinda loses its punch when displayed against my North Shore background, though ..]

Talk at you later!

Always a pleasure, my electronic friend.

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Date: Wed, 30 Oct 1996 21:23:04 -0500
From: Hank Drayton,

[Note: Hank sent a very nice l-o-n-g note, a highly edited version of which is shown here. I've inserted a link to the web page about his Princeville rental home, which looks pretty neat, imho ...]

Dear Doug Wilson,

With my son and daughter in law, who live in Princeville, I run a Vacation Rental at Princeville. I am always looking for ways to tell folks about our place, and recently set up a page under "Vacation Rentals by Owner" ( Their program calls for each new listing to provide a link to two other web sites that describe the area where the listing is located. Of course, one was mine, but I spent about two or three hours browsing other web sites about Kauai and the North Shore, looking for a site that would provide the real flavor of the place. Yours was, without a doubt, the best!

I have been visiting Kauai since the sixties, and it is, in my opinion, unique. My wife and I spend about six months a year on Oahu, where we have a house in Kailua, and we usually get over to Princeville each year. I too spent my first time on the north shore at Hanalei Colony Resort, back in the days before Charo. My son was living in Haena then, in a little house around the corner from Billie Jean King's "King Hale". A year later he moved to Princeville, eventually bought a house there, and one thing led to another.

From some of the questions in your mailbag, perhaps the following would help: Someone sent me some NOAA Rainfall Data for "Princeville Ranch", Hawaii. Perhaps if I come across a scanner I can send you the whole thing, but here's an excerpt that might come in handy: This comes from data over 30 years, up through 1990.

    Over 30 years of data,  the following table gives the number
    of days in each month with rainfall greater than "x" inches.

                       x = 0.1    x = 0.5   x = 1.0

                  Jan    4-17       0-6       0-5
                  Feb    2-14       0-9       0-5
                  Mar    4-22       1-12      0-7
                  Apr   12-19       1-9       0-5
                  May    8-16       1-5       0-3
                  Jun    7-15       0-5       0-2
                  Jul   12-20       0-7       0-4
                  Aug    8-22       0-6       0-5
                  Sep    8-18       1-7       0-4
                  Oct    7-18       1-6       0-4
                  Nov    7-20       2-10      1-6
                  Dec    1-16       0-7       0-7
What this means to me is that there will be lots of days, in almost any month, when you will get "a little bit" (a tenth of an inch) of rain, but not very many even in the winter, when you get lots. It was surprising to me how little variation there is from summer to winter. The figures for August are almost the same as the figures for January!

As I said, your site was without doubt the best I found. Thank you for providing that special flavor of that special island! I hope my link to you brings something good your way.

Hank Drayton

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Date: Mon, 26 Aug 1996 15:14:07 +0100
From Jackie Parker


I've been looking at your web page. It took some time to finally locate you, but thank goodness because the info you provide is quite useful. We're planning a hiking trip to Kauai in December/January but I still have a few questions, particularly regarding transportation to/from trails and parking availability. Would you be willing/able to answer such questions? Or can you recommend someone who could? We'd be very grateful...

Jackie in England

Well, nuts. I seem to have lost the reply, but basically I told Jackie that a rental car is nearly essential. I HAVE seen public transport buses, but they seem to be few and far between. There is lots of parking at the Kalalau trailhead, but most for most other trails, you'd be leaving your vehicle at the side of the road.

Date: Thu, 11 Jul 1996
From: Joel Cross

What a great site. Thanks for the information and beautiful photos. We are spending Labor Day in Kaneohe, Oahu with friends who just moved over, then heading for five days in Hanalei. Yours is the best information I've found on exactly what we want to do-see the North Shore and the trails.

Thanks for the kind words. I searched in vain for such a site, then figured I'd just have to make one myself. Didn't turn out half bad if I DO say so myself!

My wife will be thrilled to see that beaches are accessible from the early segments of the trails.Something for everyone.

It's only about a 2 mile trek along the Kalalau trail to Hanakapiai Beach, which is quite scenic, but is not good for swimming or snorkeling because it has no reefs. In fact, the heavy surf in the winter strips the sand away, clear down to bare rock, from what I've read, to be replaced in the spring and summer when the surf direction shifts. Depending on your wife's interests, some of the more accessible beaches may be more to her liking - Tunnels and Ke'e Beaches, as described on my web site being a couple of them. And Hanalei Bay itself has some marvelous beaches.

We hope that Hanalei and Princeville are the small, casual towns we've pictured from descriptions- the Frommer and Fodor books don't do nearly the job your photos have.

Yep, Hanalei is definitely the small, low key place you're looking for. Princeville is more upscale - more of a planned community with a mix of homes, condos, shopping, and recreation. Definitely lovely, but not the epitome of Hawaiana.

Thanks again, maybe we'll run into you over there.

Only if you like it so much that you decide to stay there at least til next June. Contrary to the impression many take away from my web site, I live on the Mainland (Ohio) and can only afford to return to Paradise every three years or so. Next summer we get to go back for a couple of weeks.

Then on Sep 10, 1996, Joel filled us in on how the trip went:


Just returned from a week in Hanalei.

We duplicated many of the photo's on your page, and appreciated the quick guide. The hike to Hanakapiai Falls was excellent, and more of a challenge due to intermittent heavy rain. Beautiful. The Dolphin is indeed open and serving excellent seafood; the Hanalei Gourmet was fun with nightly local music.

Have only "done lunch" there. Somehow, we seem to be too weary at the end of the day to seek out evening entertainment. Once the sun goes down, we tend to turn in soon thereafter. I suppose that may make the transition back to Mainland time a trifle easier ...

We also enjoyed Zelo's porch more than once.

AHA! This is a new one on me. A new place to explore! Hot dog!

The beaches were great-Tunnels, Hideaway,Ke'e, the Baths,.....We ended our stay with a day in Poipu and a visit to Waimea Canyon, which I highly recommend if you haven't had a chance to do so. We did several short hikes there, seeing wonderful falls and views.

Yep, Waimea Canyon and Kokee State Park are yet ANOTHER delight to be found on Kauai. Know them well. Haven't spent as much time on the trails as I'd like though.

Again, mahalo for the tour. Go back soon.


Next summer, next summer, next summer ...

I'm delighted you had a good visit, and that perhaps I helped in some small way. Mahalo for the report!

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On Sun, 11 Aug 1996, LEE STEINBERG wrote:

Many thanks for the kind words and truly magnificent Web Page. Being a resident of Kauai it was a double treat to see what I have almost "taken for granted" through your eyes. It made me all the more appreciate what it is we have to offer here. It is staying much the same and seems to be doing it gracefully.

Lee - thanks so much for taking the time to drop me that note. I have received an amazing amount of feedback from the site, and an astonishing number of pleas for advice on everything from how to find beaches off the beaten track, and where to rent camping equipment, to is it safe to hike Kauai's trails alone.

As you can tell, Kauai is a very special place to me. Heck, I even named my little shareware operation Makai Software, although nobody here in Ohio even knows how to pronounce it, let alone what it means.

We'll be making our next assault on the Tunnels Beachhead next summer.

When and if you are ready to move over here real estate prices have never been lower. No I am not a real estate agent but I thought you just might want to know that.

Now THAT's some welcome news. I expect to be retiring in about 6-8 years, so you never know ...

WOW! I can't believe you read all that! You deserve some sort of medal!

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