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Science Fiction

Tales of the First Contact Corps

The Interstellar Republic is a vast alliance of sentient cultures who have banded together for common defense, and to share knowledge and culture. For nearly a century, the Republic's legendary First Contact Corps has evaluated newly-discovered cultures to determine which ones should be offered membership, which ones can be freely visited, and which ones should be isolated, either for their own safety or that of visitors. These are the slightly-hardboiled first-person adventures of a First Contact Specialist.

Voluntary Compliance

We visit a planet where the whole society is based on absolute libertarianism.

Surprisingly Mundane

We visit a pristine world, i.e., one that is totally ignorant of life elsewhere. Are the inhabitants ready for the Republic? Is the Republic ready for them?

Communication Gap

Somehow, the Republic managed to colonize a planet without noticing its inhabitants, and it's up to the First Contact Corps to correct the oversight.

Star Trek Stories

Interview with Dr. Ambrose Crater,
or "The Salt Vampire Ate My Parents!"

What really happened on Planet M113? How did the planet's last inhabitant kill Robert and Nancy Crater, as well as a number of crew members of the U.S.S. Enterprise? Federation Today correspondent Javier Lindstrom interviews the Craters' son to find out the shocking truth.

The Gray People

The origins of one of the most bizarre and dangerous cultures the Federation has ever encountered.

Other science fiction

Reduvius Ferox

A day in the life of an assassin bug. A very large assassin bug who loves her work.

Organ PrincessTM Adventures

The adventures of a child prodigy organist and her friends.

My Novel: The Cuckoo Nightingale

We follow the childhood and coming-of-age of organ virtuosa Jennifer Christine Schweitzer.

Short Stories

Introducing Jennifer

We see a defining moment in Jennifer's early childhood, and its effects on her as an adult. Free sample! Read this one online!

Portrait of a Mentor

Jennifer's teacher tells her about how she first became interested in the organ.

Tibia Mozzarella: A Cheesy Love Duet for Organ

A man, a woman, and a theatre organ pizzeria.

Tuneful Tomboy

A Chip on Her Shoulder, and a Song in Her Heart

In these two stories, we get to know Brenda Gibson: feminist militant, hockey player, and organist.

Princess of the Organ

Jennifer tells her children a bedtime story.

The Organ Princess Blues

The Story of Kristin Webber, a young theatre organ enthusiast

Young Bookish Nerd Seeking Young Bookish Organ Princess

A tale of unrequited love, and of very-much-requited love.

Yes, Santa, There Is a Jennifer Schweitzer

An Organ Princess Christmas story.

Blue Passacaglia for Amy

The magic of a dying girl's last wish.

Virtuosa Incognita

Jennifer meets an old nemesis face-to-face for the first time, and he doesn't recognize her.

Organ Praise

A new pastor wants to replace his church's organ and choir with a praise band.


Can an old organist learn new tricks?.

Other Short Stories

A Geek's Life

A day in the life of a shy, seventh-grade intellectual.

Vacationing Alone

A lonely single writer on Amtrak's Coast StarlightTM.

Eight Hours of Hard Time

The horrors of voluntary incarceration.

General Horace S. Richter

It's World War III, and the Free World's last, best hope is a long-retired misogynistic bigot with the nickname, "Horse's Rectum."

A Woman of Purity

The perfect girlfriend. With a secret.

Smoke: A Political Parable

Voices in a smoke-filled room. A work in progress.

Not a Prayer

The Religious Right has won the battle to reinstate school prayer. But what have they really won?

Not Running on All Cylinders

The old man's truck isn't the only thing that fits the title.

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