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Skating in the Basic 1 class I was not quite 24 when I first took up figure skating. This is from my Basic 1 class.

Skating Gamma at Norwalk By 1987, I was competing in ISI-sponsored recreational skating competitions, like this one, skating at the Gamma level in Norwalk, in April of 1988.

Waltz JumpIn mid-air, on a waltz jump, in my Freestyle outfit. This was from a series of photographs I had taken for the cover of a score accounting program I had written.

My first year of drill teamI skated on the Costa Mesa Precision on Ice Adult Drill Team for two years. My first year on the team, we were toy soldiers, for Victor Herbert's March of the Toys. This was a promotional picture, from a poster titled We Need You!

My second year of drill teamMy second year on the team, we performed to Hot! Hot! Hot!

Alas, it's been quite a few years since I've skated competitively, and it's been five years since I even laced up my skates for a public session. Pity: I'd probably be a lot thinner if I skated regularly.

The Ice Skating Institute

The Ice Skating Institute is an organization of ice rinks, builders and suppliers to the ice rink industry, coaches, and amateur skaters. It serves as both a professional organization for the industry, and as an international governing body for those who test and compete as a form of recreation.

Frank J. Zamboni & Co., Inc.

The late Frank J. Zamboni invented the ice resurfacer in the 1940's This is the web site of the company he founded.

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