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Here are a few of the links I've collected to organ-related sites on the Web.

PIPORG-L List Server Home Page

This is a list server linking (at any given time) approximately a thousand organists, organ enthusiasts and other organ geeks worldwide.

St. Paul's Episcopal Church

St. Paul's Episcopal, at 1430 J Street, is the oldest church in Sacramento. It has a beautiful 1877 Johnson & Son tracker organ (on which recitals are frequently given), an excellent children's music education program, and lovely stained-glass windows, including one given in memory of Leland Stanford, Jr. Naturally, their services are also quite beautiful, thanks to the Rector, Rev'd. Elisabeth "Pastor Betsy" Seeger, the organist/choirmaster, Maestro Dennis Weber.

All Saints' Episcopal Church

All Saints Episcopal Church, at 555 Waverley Street, in Palo Alto, CA, is a very modern, but beautiful, concrete church. It has a beautiful 1969 Flentrop tracker organ, on which their former music director, Gwen Adams, recorded an album (currently out-of-print) of the works of Johann Ludwig Krebs.

St. Mark's Cathedral (Episcopal)

Saint Mark's Cathedral, in Seattle Washington, is located at 1245 Tenth Avenue East. It has a beautiful 1969 Flentrop tracker organ, on which numerous recordings have been made. Services are numerous and varied, including both "family" and traditional Sunday morning services, a Sunday evening Compline, and a Wednesday evening Evensong.

St. Richard's Episcopal Church

St. Richard's Episcopal, at 5151 Lake Howell Road, Winter Park, Florida, is the home of one of the few notable tracker organs in the Orlando area.

The Theatre Organ Home Page

While theatre organs are hardly my cup of tea, The Theatre Organ Home Page, although concerned primarily with that particular subspecies, actually covers anything with pipes, and a great many things without.

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