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Amber & Mike's Wedding

November 13, 1999

The date finally came, and at 5:30PM on Saturday November 13, 1999, Amber Jean Reifert, daughter of Laura Daniels Reifert Nixon and the late Kenneth David Reifert, and Michael John Tresca, son of Michael Tresca and Carmella Liguori Tresca, were married at the Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament in Lyndhurst, NJ.

Shannon Reifert Delcourt attended Amber as Matron of Honor, and Joseph Matthew Tresca attended Michael as Best Man. The entire wedding party, as well as 30 guests, were dressed in medieval and renaissance period clothing. Guests wore everything from silk and velvet to kilts and tabbards.

The ceremony took place in a private wing of the medieval-style castle, followed by a cocktail hour. Michael was then knighted by the King, and declared a Knight of the Realm.

The next event was priority seating for the dinner and show in the main dining room. The wedding was publicly announced during the show. The Black & White Knight, The Warrior Priest, won the tournament for his people, which included Amber, Mike and their guests. The Warrior Priest chose Amber, of all the ladies of the realm, to be crowned The Queen of Love and Beauty for the evening.

Directly after dinner, guests enjoyed cake and coffee back in the private room. The new Mr. and Mrs. Tresca were then attended by the King & Queen of the castle, as well as their champion, The Black & White Knight.

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What Is Love?

When asked the dragon what is love?
He flew to the sky to ask the dove.
The dove cooed, "peace in mind, heart and soul."
The dragon breathed fire and went on to the mole.
From a hole, a voice said "a tunnel of warmth annd security."
With raised head, the dragon roared off to Aphrodite.
For she, Love is a yearning for beauty.
The dragon flapped his wings and flew off to Hermes.
For he, Love's a strange and wonderful mystery.
Now, clenching his claws so mighty and mean
He walked to his favorite quiet stream.
He watched the current and thought of his quagmire,
Could true Love be only passion and desire?
Falling fast and hard nearly down to his doom,
He stopped briefly at a dragon's tomb.
He asked the dead, but there was no reply,
Only the silence halted by a buzzing fly.
Then he heard a voice burning softly in prayer.
He asked the dragon with golden eyes and purple hair,
"Love is fire, water, wind and dirt
It is all of the sky and all of the Earth,"
The dragon sighed and whipped his tail,
As she said, "Love is eternal and will not fail."

by Linda Gannam