NOTE: These modifications worked fine on my vehicle, however I will not guarantee that they will work on your vehicle. I take no responsibility for damage done to you or your vehicle caused directly or indirectly from making these modifications.
electronic ignition
Electronic Ignition conversion
Clutch modification
Clutch Modification
After breaking several clutch cables I converted my Jeepster to a hydraulic clutch using parts from a '84 Mazda B2000 pickup (yeah I know it is a foreigner, but I could not find a domestic vehicle with a master cylinder I could use). I have finally made a description of how I did this. Diagrams will come later.
Delco Alternator Conversion
Alternator Upgrade
After getting tired of the weak charging system I dumped the old 30 amp Motorola alternator in favor of a Delco 60 amp model from a '77 Chevrolet pickup. Here is how I did it:
Rear Axle
One unlucky day I happened to hear the horrific crunch of my ring an pinion giving up. This lead to the conversion of my rear axle to a Dana 44. Hopefully more details will soon follow.
HEI ignition
HEI's XXXposed!
This is a short series of pictures and captions that highligt the differences between the Even-fire, and Odd-fire HEI distributors