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Audio Sermons.
Solid Messages in streaming audio.

ACC Radio
Atlantic Coast Communications
A collection of audio sermons from a variety of Reformed churches and organizations.
Answers in Genesis
A Biblical apologetics ministry featuring the teaching of Ken Ham.
Bible Sermons Online
A collection of audio and written sermons preached at Greyfriars Free Church Continuing, Inverness, Scotland.
Maurice Roberts, Hugh Ferrier and others.
Bible Study Hour - James Boice
Bible Study Hour
James Boice, Philip Ryken and Donald G. Barnhouse
Christian Communicators Worldwide - Jim Elliff Christian Communicators Worldwide
Heart-searching sermons and seminars by Jim Elliff.
Desiring God Ministries - John Piper
Desiring God Ministries
John Piper
Dividing Line - James White
Dividing Line
James R. White
The Sword and the Trowel
The Sword and the Trowel
Tom Ascol and Jared Longshore
Grace to You - John MacArthur, Jr.
Grace to You
John MacArthur
Grace Presbyterian Church - Hanover PA
Grace Presbyterian Church (OPC)
Hanover, PA
Jeff Sheely
Heritage Netherlands Reformed
Grand Rapids, MI
Joel Beeke & Foppe VanderZwaag
Living Grace - Martin Lloyd-Jones
Living Grace
D. Martin Lloyd-Jones
Mt. Zion Audio Library - Sinclair Ferguson
Chapel Library
Jeff Pollard, Geoff Thomas, George McDearmon, Joel Beeke, Sam Waldron, and Scott Brown
Renewing Your Mind - R. C. Sproul
Renewing Your Mind
R. C. Sproul
Numerous pastors--many of them Reformed---plus Spurgeon and readings from Pilgrim's Progress.
Sovereign Grace Baptist Church - Tomball, TX
Sovereign Grace Bible Church
Tomball, TX
Dan Norcini
Spiritual Disciplines - Don Whitney Spiritual Disciplines
Sermons by Don Whitney, author of Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life.
Trinity Baptist Church
Montville, NJ
Al Martin, David Chanski, Burt Carlson, Jeff Smith, others
Truth for Life - Alistair Begg
Truth for Life
Alistair Begg.
White Horse Inn
White Horse Inn
Michael Horton and Shane Rosenthal.

Major Ministries.
Sovereign Grace ministries having signficant exposure through radio, literature or conferences.
Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals 
Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals
"... exists to call the church, amidst our dying culture, to repent of its worldliness, to recover and confess the five Solas of the Reformation, and to see them embodied in our doctrine, worship, and life."
James Boice, Michael Horton and others.
Banner of Truth
Banner of Truth
This organization, based in Edinburgh, Scotland, prints classic books of the Reformation and Puritan era, as well as by modern authors, such as D. M. Lloyd-Jones and William Hendriksen. They also sponsor conferences promoting sound Biblical teaching, and publish a monthly magazine, "The Banner of Truth", edited by Maurice Roberts.
Christian Communicators Worldwide - Jim Elliff
Christian Communicators Worldwide
"CCW is the teaching and writing ministry of Jim Elliff. Our compelling interests are the reformation of the church, biblical evangelism, and the hope for authentic revival in our day."

Jim also hosts: 

  • Way to God.org - a website featuring articles that direct the lost to Christ.
  • BulletinInserts.org  - a website featuring free downloads to include in your church's weekly bulletin
Desiring God Ministries 
Desiring God Ministries
John Piper and Bethlehem Baptist Church
Founders Online 
Founders Online
Calvinistic Southern Baptists ... Jared Longshore, Tom Ascol and Tom Nettles
Grace to You 
Grace to You
John MacArthur and Grace Community Church.
.... or link directly to John MacArthur's Sermons.
Institute for 
Nouthetic Studies
Institute for Nouthetic Studies
A website dedicated to the principles of Biblical counseling set forth by Jay Adams.  Here, you will find articles on the Nouthetic Approach to counseling, and information about Dr. Adams.
Richard Owen Roberts
Richard Owen Roberts
Roberts founded International Awakening Ministries, which views revival as a gracious work of a sovereign God who, in times of His choosing, pours out His Spirit on His people and manifests His presence to them.
MLJ Recordings Trust - Martyn Lloyd-Jones
MLJ Recordings Trust
Founded in 1982, the Trust was set up to restore, distribute and promote the ministry of the late Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones (1899-1981), minister of Westminster Chapel, London, from 1938 until 1968. The 'Doctor' as he was affectionately known, is recognized by many to have been one of the finest British preachers of the twentieth century. The Trust has a collection of over 1500 of his sermons available on tape, and many books. 
Renewing Your Mind 
Renewing Your Mind
Ligonier Ministries featuring teaching by R. C. Sproul and others.
Spiritual Disciplines - Don Whitney
The Center for Biblical Spirituality
Website of Don Whitney, author of Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life, and other books.
Truth for Life
Truth for Life
Alistair Begg.
World Reformed Fellowship
An international alliance of Reformed churches in the United States, Latin America, India, East Africa and the Far East.  This website features Articles, News, Events, Opportunities, Forums, Resources and Links from a conservative, Reformed Christian perspective.

Online Magazines.
Web pages updated periodically with new articles on Reformed Theology.
Banner of Sovereign Grace Truth
Official publication of the Heritage Netherlands Reformed Denomination.
Banner of Truth
Magazine published by The Banner of Truth Trust.
By Faith Online
The web magazine of the Presbyterian Church in America.  (Formerly PCANews.com)
Credo Magazine
"The Credo Quarterly is a theological journal written for the express purpose of developing and maintaining a reasonable defense of the historic Reformed and Christian faith."
Founders Journal
Magazine published by the Southern Baptist Founders Conference.
Grace Promulgator and Proclamator
Magazine published by Pilgrim's Hope Baptist Church in Memphis, TN.
New Horizons
Monthly magazine of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church.
Presbyterian International News Service
Publisher of the Presbyterian and Reformed News.
Reformed Herald
Official Magazine of the Reformed Church in the United States.
Sovereign Grace Journal
A magazine published by Sovereign Grace Ministries.
The Standard Bearer
A Reformed, Semi-Monthly Magazine published by the Reformed Free Publishing Association.
Biblical Perspectives Magazine
An online study magazine produced by Third Millennium Ministries.
Answers Research Journal
This is a journal published by Answers in Genesis, and features articles about creation, dinosaurs, the Bible, science and apologetics.
Trinity Review
A collection of articles by Gordon H. Clark, John W. Robbins and others, from The Trinity Foundation..
World Magazine
A news magazine from a Christian perspective focusing on issues of particular interest to Christians.

Practical truth for daily living.
Drawing Near
John MacArthur, Jr. and Grace to You
Morning and Evening Devotionals
Charles H. Spurgeon
Word for the Week
Denny Prutow
Daily Devotions
Denny Prutow
Puritan Prayers
A collection of deeply devotional prayers composed by the English Puritans and others who shared their view of God.

Cults and Apologetics Resources.
Ministries that target cults and false teaching..
The Alpha and Omega Ministries
Source of good apologetic resources for answering Mormonism, Jehovah's Witnesses, Roman Catholicism and KJV-only-ism.
Also provides solid Calvinistic materials.
Alpha Internet Ministries
The first Christian Education Center on the Internet built exclusively for members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints -- by non-Mormons!
The John Ankerberg Show
Home page of John Ankerberg, host of "The John Ankerberg Show".
Answering Islam
A website that provides a wealth of resources to help show Muslims the excellency of Christ.
Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry
Matthew Slick presents an excellent resource dealing with Cults, Evolutionism and Christian doctrine.
The Christian Research Institute
Home page of Hank Hanegraff, "The Bible Answer Man".
Christian Resources
A source for articles, books and tapes on Roman Catholicism, Eastern Orthodoxy, the Gospel, Church history and the Christian life--many of them authored by the ministry's director and founder, William Webster.
Council on Biblical Manhood & Womanhood
"Dedicated to the Biblical principles of complementarity in male-female relationships and roles."
Wayne Grudem and others.
Institute for Religious Research
The Institute for Religious Research is a non-denominational, non-profit Christian foundation in Grand Rapids, Michigan devoted to the study of religious claims in light of history and the Bible.
Just for Catholics
Here's a website designed especially for the lay Catholic.  No deep theological debates here--just a simple presentation of Gospel truths alongside a simple, Biblical critique of the foundational dogmas of Catholicism.  Also, concise answers to questions asked by Catholics.
By Joe Mizzi--an ex-Catholic who now attends a Reformed Baptist church.
MacGregor Ministries
Provides vital information on the cults from a Christian perspective.
Ravi Zacharias International Ministries
To reach and challenge those who shape the ideas of a culture with the credibility of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Stand to Reason
A wealth of apologetics resources addressing such issues as abortion, ethics, euthanasia, evolution, homosexuality, philosophy, etc.
Greg Koukl, founder and president.

Creation / Evolution Resources.
Ministries that expose the religious, unscientific character of Darwinism.
Access Research Network
Biographies and writings of leading voices in the case against Evolutionism.
Featured authors include Phillip E. Johnson, Michael Behe, Jonathan Wells, Robert C. Newman and others.
Answers in Genesis Ministries
A ministry founded by Ken Ham, which provides good resources for answering Evolutionism.  Publishes Creation magazine.
Ark Encounter
A full size replica of Noah's Ark, complete with museum exhibits and other attractions. A ministry of Answers in Genesis.
Biblical Geology
Tas Walker presents many great articles explaining and defending Biblical creationism.
Center for Scientific Creation
The apologetics ministry of Walt Brown.
Creation Research Society
A professional organization of trained scientists and interested laypersons who are firmly committed to scientific special creation.
Creation Super Library
This is a website that provides good answers to many questions and objections raised concerning the Biblical and Scientific evidence for Creation and the Flood.
Creation Wiki
An online encyclopedia of information related to Biblical Creation.
Flood / Ice Age Research
Michael Oard presents articles describing how the Ice Age resulted from the global flood of Noah's day.
Global Flood
What conceivable mechanism could have produced the vast geological transformation of the earth evident all around us in a single year-long Flood event? Answering this question correctly has been a major focus of research for John Baumgartner for the past 25 years.
IDEA - "Intelligent Design and Evolution Awareness" Center
A non-profit organization dedicated to promoting intelligent design theory and fostering good - spirited discussion and a better understanding over intelligent design theory and the creation - evolution issue among students, educators, churches, and anyone else interested.
The Biblical Creation Society
A Christian society in Great Britain that advances and defends the Biblical teaching on creation, seeking to think through issues related to origins from a coherent Biblical and scientific standpoint.
The Great Dinosaur Mystery
An interactive book for kids about dinosaurs that makes learning fun and interesting.  Includes many colorful illustrations, games, videos and audio narrations to keep kids involved in something that is genuinely worthwhile.  Produced by Paul S. Taylor of Eden Communications.
The Institute for Creation Research
Henry Morris, etc. Source of good materials on Creationism.
The Revolution Against Evolution
Douglas Sharp's creationist website and home of his TV program.
The True Origin Archive
A valuable collection of Creationist articles compiled by Tim Wallace.

In Defense of Freedom.
Organizations devoted to protecting Religious freedom..
AFA Online (American Family Association)
"AFA is for people who are tired of cursing the darkness and who are ready to light a bonfire. We are a non-profit (501(c)(3)) organization founded in 1977 by Don Wildmon. The American Family Association represents and stands for traditional family values, focusing primarily on the influence of television and other media – including pornography – on our society."
Don Wildmon, President.
American Center for Law and Justice
This organization "engages in litigation, provides legal services, renders advice and counsels clients, and supports attorneys who are involved in defending the religious and civil liberties of Americans.
Jay Alan Sekulow, Chief Counsel.
Concerned Women for America
CWA's core issues are the Sanctity of Life, Definition of the Family, Education, Pornography, Religious Liberty and National Sovereignty.  This is a good website for keeping informed of political issues that affect the church, the family and civil morality.
Home School Legal Defense Association
"The Home School Legal Defense Association is a non-profit advocacy organization established to defend and advance the constitutional right of parents to direct the education of their children and to protect family freedoms. Through annual memberships, HSLDA is tens of thousands of families united in service together, providing a strong voice when and where needed."
J. Michael Smith, President.
Michael P. Farris, Chairman and General Counsel.
National Home Education Research Institute
NHERI is a nonprofit organization that performs research and analysis demonstrating the effectiveness of home-based education.
Brian D. Ray, Ph.D., President.
Rutherford Institute
"Dedicated to the defense of civil liberties and human rights.
John W. Whitehead, President.

More link pages to Calvinistic websites.
Hall of Church History
Phil Johnson presents an extensive collection of links to sites which feature writings from Christian authors throughout church history.
Phil Johnson's Bookmarks
Good Calvinistic links, good Christian links, some bad links, too, but Phil lets you know which is which.
Westminster Resource Links
A good collection of Christian and Reformed links provided by Westminster Theological Seminary.

General Christian.
Other valuable Christian resources, not focused on Calvinism.
A directory of resources for Christian students and educators.
Got Questions
Over 600,000 Bible questions answered.

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