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Church-Sponsored Websites.
Web sites posted by individual Reformed and Sovereign Grace Churches.

Phoenix Phoenix Reformed Baptist Church (Phoenix, AZ)
A Baptist Church in Phoenix that holds to the 1689 London Confession, pastored by Don Fry.
Home church of James White.

Anaheim Calvary Baptist Student Ministry (Anaheim, CA)
A ministry of Calvary Baptist Church, and its youth pastor, Michael Ramirez.
Glendale Calvary Presbyterian Church (PCA) (Glendale, CA)
A PCA church in Glendale, California.
Milpitas Milpitas Bible Fellowship (Milpitas, CA)
A fellowship of believers committed to the doctrines of grace. 
Includes articles by Brian Anderson.
Norwalk Agape Chapel Ministries (Norwalk, CA)
Great articles by Nick Bibile, as well as links to many other sites and articles.

Colorado Springs Village Seven Presbyterian Church (PCA) (Colorado Springs, CO)
A large PCA church in Colorado Springs, pastored by Joseph Wheat.
(see also Wheat Ridge)
Providence Presbyterian Church (OPC) (Denver, CO)
An OPC church in Denver pastored by Leonard Coppes.
SpurgeonTapes (Denver, CO)
Denver's Cornerstone Chapel offers Spurgeon's Sermons on audiocassette. Very well done!
Durango Redeemer Presbyterian Church (PCA) (Durango, CO & Farmington, NM)
A PCA church that serves the Four Corners area of Colorado and New Mexico, pastored by Gary McMillan.
Wheat Ridge Covenant Presbyterian Church (PCA) (Wheat Ridge, CO)
A PCA church in the Denver area, pastored by Evan Hock.

Pensacola Mount Zion Bible Church (Pensacola, FL)
A good source for good materials.. tracts, audio tapes, etc.
Home of Chapel Library and Free Grace Broadcaster magazine.
Yulee Hope Chapel of Northeast Florida (Yulee, FL)
A Reformed Baptist (1689 Confession) congregation, pastored by Chris Bogosh.
Yulee is located about a half hour north of Jacksonville, just off I-95.

Albany Reign of Grace Media Ministries (Albany, GA)
Sound Calvinistic articles provided by Eager Avenue Grace Church of Albany, Georgia.
Savannah Independent Presbyterian Church (Savannah, GA)
Just what the name implies--this Presbyterian church is not formally affiliated with any denomination. 
However, it subscribes to the Westminster Confession, and is pastored by men ordained by the PCA.

Kansas City The Master's Community Church (Kansas City, KS)
Todd Chipman, Ron McIlnay and Adam Anderson pastor a sovereign grace church in Kansas City, Kansas.
Lenexa Reformed Baptist Church of Kansas City (Lenexa, KS)
Holds to the 1689 London Confession and the 1813 (Charleston) Baptist catechism. The church is pastored by Martin Nish and Mike Chandler, and is currently meeting at:
West Lenexa Seventh-day Adventist Church
24450 W. 83rd St., Lenexa, KS 66227
Call (913)850-0195 or email for more information.
Overland Park Redeemer Presbyterian Church (PCA) (Overland Park, KS)
A conservative PCA church, pastored by Tony Felich, serving the south side of the Kansas City metropolitan area.
Shawnee Shawnee RP Church (RPCNA) (Sterling, KS)
A Reformed Presbyterian church (RPCNA) in the Kansas City metro area pastored by Wade Mann.
Sterling Sterling RP Church (RPCNA) (Sterling, KS)
A Reformed Presbyterian church in west central Kansas pastored by Derek Miller.
Topeka Reformed Baptist Church (Topeka, KS)
A church pastored by my friend Mark Langley.
Wichita Trinity Reformed Church (RPCNA) (Wichita, KS)
A Reformed Presbyterian church in south central Kansas pastored by Charles Carroll.

Elkton Christ Presbyterian Church (PCA) (Elkton, MD)
A PCA church pastored by Mike Chastain.

Cambridge First Reformed Presbyterian Church (RPCNA) (Cambridge, MA)
A church of the RPCNA denomination, located in the Boston area, pastored by Christian Adjemian.

Grand Rapids The Reformed Baptist Church of Grand Rapids (Grand Rapids, MI)
Home of Truth for Eternity magazine. This assembly holds to the 1689 London Confession.
Holland Call to Worship (Holland, MI)
A ministry of Zion Chapel, which finds itself much in agreement with the 1689 London Confession.

Harrisonville Cedar Ridge Evangelical Free Church (Harrisonville, MO)
A Reformed church about 30 minutes south of Kansas City, pastored by Joe Rostollan.
Kansas City Christ Fellowship of Kansas City (Kansas City, MO)
A Reformed, baptistic house church pastored by Jim Elliff and Daryl Wingerd.
Faith Community Church (Kansas City, MO)
A Reformed, baptistic church on the northeast side of Kansas City, pastored by Tim Juhnke.
Red Bridge Baptist Church (Kansas City, MO)
A Baptist Church on the south side of Kansas City that teaches the doctrines of grace.  Sr. Pastor Vic Borden.

New Jersey
Stratford Stratford Orthodox Presbyterian Church (OPC) (Stratford, NJ)
An OPC church in Stratford, New Jersey that has some excellent online sermons.

New Mexico
Alamogordo Westminster Presbyterian Church (PCA) (Alamogordo, NM)
A PCA church in Alamogordo, New Mexico, pastored by Rick Steele.
Albuquerque Albuquerque Sovereign Grace Baptist Church (Albuquerque, NM)
A Reformed Baptist church in Albuquerque, New Mexico that holds to the 1689 Baptist Confession. 
Pastor Charles Treadwell.
Covenant of Grace Presbyterian Church (OPC) (Albuquerque, NM)
A wonderful OPC church in Albuquerque, pastored by John Hunt.
Providence Presbyterian Church (PCA) (Albuquerque, NM)
A PCA church in Albuquerque, pastored by Randy Steele.
Farmington Providence Presbyterian Church (PCA) (Farmington, NM)
This loving assembly was our church home in 1999-2000, pastored by our dear brother, Gary McMillan.
Also serves the Durango, CO area.
Los Alamos Bryce Avenue Presbyterian Church (PCA) (White Rock, NM)
A wonderful PCA church near Los Alamos, New Mexico, pastored by our friend Henry Fernandez.

Hanover Grace Presbyterian Church (OPC) (Hanover, PA)
Website of an OPC assembly in Hanover, Pennsylvania, that features audio sermons by pastor Jeff Sheely as well as many other good resources.
Skippack Cornerstone Church of Skippack (Skippack, PA)
A sovereign grace (NCT) Church pastored by Fred Zaspel.  Also see their excellent Biblical Studies website.

Austin Dayspring Fellowship  (Austin, TX)
A Reformed Baptist church in Austin, Texas pastored by Jackson Boyett.
Tomball Sovereign Grace Bible Church (Tomball, TX)
A Reformed Baptist church near Houston, Texas, hosts some Puritan and Reformed writings as well as written messages by pastor Dan Norcini.

Vienna Grace Orthodox Presbyterian Church (OPC) (Vienna, VA)
An OPC church in Vienna, Virginia..
Also check out these related websites: Sword & Shield and Joy Pals.

Tacoma Pilgrim Bible Church (Tacoma, WA)
A Reformed Baptist church in Tacoma, Washington pastored by Bryan Pollock.

St. Croix Falls Searching Together (St. Croix Falls, WI)
A ministry of Word of Life Church of St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin.
Articles by John Zens and others.

Ontario The Reformed Theology Resource (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
Sponsored by St. Giles Kingsway Presbyterian Church of Toronto, Ontario. In addition to writings by the churches' pastor, Bryn MacPhail, this website offers (links to) articles by such authors as: Calvin, Edwards, Warfield, Pink, Spurgeon, Packer, Piper, MacArthur, Boice, Sproul, Horton and many others.

Malta Trinity Evangelical Church (Luqa, Malta)
A Reformed Baptist church on the island of Malta, pastored by Paul Mizzi.
(Recall that the apostle Paul was shipwrecked on Malta--Acts 28:1)

Singapore Pilgrim Covenant Church (Singapore)
An Independent, Protestant and Reformed Church in Singapore, pastored by J. J. Lim.

Puritan-Focused Websites.
Web sites that focus on the theology and writings of the Puritans.
A Puritan's Mind
This website features an extensive collection of articles by Puritan authors.  It also has many excellent articles by Matthew McMahon on various doctrinal and historical topics.
Fire and Ice: Puritan and Reformed Writings
This website, by Bill Carson, features writings of may of the Puritans, as well as other Reformed writings.
Soli Deo Gloria Ministries
SDG publishes books by the Puritans, and hosts conferences about the Puritans and their beliefs.  The website includes sermons by some of the Puritans, as well as newsletters by SDG's president, Don Kistler.

Personal Websites.
Web sites having a Reformed emphasis that are authored by individual Christians.
A. Allison Lewis
Good articles on Calvinism, KJV-only, etc., by A. Allison Lewis.
Abate Not Reformed Christian Resources
A website that features a wealth of links to solidly Reformed materials on the internet.
The Baptized Way
Some great articles on the Doctrines of Grace, compiled by Anthony Lawson.
Baxter Institute
A reformed website presented by Methodist pastor Dale Tedder.
Bible Bulletin Board
This website by Tony Capoccia features sermons by John MacArthur, Charles Spurgeon and J. C. Ryle, as well as a collection of Tony's answers to commonly-asked questions.
Blessed Hope Ministries
"Setting forth Biblical Christianity in a complex society--SIMPLY."
By God's Grace ~ Through God's Word ~ For God's Glory!
A new website by pastor Chuck Long commited to: * The glorious gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ as taught in the Doctrines of Grace; * The inerrancy and sufficiency of the Word of God - the Holy Scriptures; * Believing and living to the Glory of God!
CATI - Christians And The Internet
Barry Traver periodically sends out a very informative newsletter via e-mail to anyone who would like to receive it.  He writes about numerous internet-related issues of interest to Christians, such as reviews and recommendations of Reformed websites, book reviews, biographies, internet guides and utilities--in short, a wide spectrum of topics that are interesting, useful and edifying to Christians who use the internet.
Center for the Advancement of Paleo-Orthodoxy
"... a distinctively biblical and historic consortium of networked think tanks, publications, and scholars."
Center for Reformed Theology and Apologetics.
Jonathan Barlow and Ed Walsh
Christ Our Righteousness
"A Site about Knowing, and Growing in, The Lord Jesus Christ", authored by a close personal friend, Ed Verbeke.
Christian Research and Evangelism
Dave Sherrill presents great Calvinistic articles as well as good articles dealing with cults (Catholicism included).
Contend for the Faith
An Apologetics and Theological Resource page by Justin Taylor & Matthew Perman.
Credenda Agenda
A free, bimonthly magazine exploring all areas of life from a biblical, classical Protestant perspective.
The Crumbs Which Fall
Scottish theologian Mark Farnon, living "down under", known online as Tartanarmy. Come and read his blog, "The Crumbs Which Fall". Defending biblical theology, especially Soteriology and Calvinism, against any and all errors.
Dennis Jowers' Resources Page
Dennis Jowers is a professor of theology at Western Reformed Seminary in Tacoma, Washington.  His "Resources" page contains links to a variety of helpful resources.
Eternal Life Ministries
Here are some great articles by a host of great authors: Bunyan, Edwards, Owen, Pink, Spurgeon, Lloyd-Jones, etc., as well as some Puritan Prayers.
Essays on Continuity
David Wendt provides original essays promoting the continuity of the Old and New Testaments.
5 Solas.org
Brandan Kraft authors a website devoted to Sovereign Grace and New Covenant Theology.
For Family Reformation
This is a new website by Mitchell Lynn with articles by Lewis Bayly, Robert Bolton, Thomas Boston and Stephen Charnock.  In addition, there are free downloadable modules for the Theophilos Bible Software system, including some Baptist confessions and catechisms, along with books and articles by John Owen, Thomas Boston, Jonathan Edwards, Christopher Ness, A. W. Pink, Charles Spurgeon and Archibald Alexander.
Foundation for Biblical Studies
Jeffrey Todd McCormack presents a good resource for Calvinistic and apologetic materials. He holds to the WCF, while holding a theonomic view.
Frontline Ministries
Massimo Lorenzini and Jay Wegter have built a solidly Reformed website ministry that features a balanced treatment of scripture, systematic theology, apologetics and ethics, keeping Christ pre-eminent.
GIRS - The Genevan Institute for Reformed Studies
A ministry of Grace Presbyterian (PCA) Church of Pinellas Park, Florida.  Classes, articles, online discussions & links.
Grace Alone
A Reformed / Protestant Site that believes in Grace Alone, Bible Alone, and Faith Alone (TULIP) as the mark of the true Christian Gospel. Presented by Brian Hanley and other members of Emmanuel Orthodox Presbyterian Church (OPC), in Whippany, New Jersey (NJ). 
Grace for Today
A Calvinistic Baptist web site sponsored by Grace Fellowship Of The Palm Beaches.
Grace Online Library
Wow!  What a fantastic resource.  -- You'll find a wealth of great articles here, organized by subject, from Reformed and Puritan authors of the past and present.  When you view an article, a sidebar provides you with links to related articles, based on subject, author, denomination, etc.  This is definitely one of the most visually appealing websites I have seen as well.  Many thanks to Brian Dempsey for this superlative website!
The Highway
Theological resources provided by Jeff Nesbitt.
His by Grace
A Reformed Baptist web site featuring John Gill's Complete 11 Vol. Classic... "A Body of Doctrinal Divinity", as well as articles by John Reisinger, John Piper, Al Mohler, R. C. Sproul, and many others.
In-Depth Studies
A New Covenant, Reformed Baptist Web Page, featuring the teaching ministry of Geoff Volker
Know the Truth Publishing
Know the Truth is a ministry based in India that publishes and distributes Reformed and Creationist materials throughout South Asia.
Offline Resources
From Finland! Osmo Saarikumpu's "Offline Resources for the earnest student of the Word"
Phil Johnson's Web Site
Phil is responsible for the Spurgeon Archive and the Hall of Church History. He has links to these and other great sites, as well as some original articles.
Redeeming Grace Ministries
RGM centers upon the public speaking and writing ministry of its founder and pastoral leader, Dr. Stanford E. Murrell
This website presents original articles on church history, apologetics, exegesis, etc., as well as numerous articles by Reformed authors past and present.
Reformation Ink
"The theology of the Reformation is the purest expression of Christianity on the planet."
Shane Rosenthal presents important and hard to find primary source Reformation documents.
Reformed Conference Ministries
A ministry in Walnut Creek, California, that hosts a Reformed conference each year.
Reformed Sovereign Grace
A website sponsored by Protestant Reformed Fellowship of Fayetteville, NC.
Resources for Christian Boys and their Teachers
Short stories and reflections by Greg Wright.
Rich's Home Page of Reformed Theology
Rich Turner provides a wealth of Reformed resources.
Scottish Preachers Hall of Fame
Alan Newble's excellent website is like a Scottish clone of Phil Johnson's Hall of Church History website.  It features links to biographies and sermons of numerous preachers and reformers of Scotland, such as John Knox, George Wishart, Robert Haldane, Rabbi Duncan, the Erskine brothers, Hugh Binning, Alexander Whyte, Andrew and Horatius Bonar, Robert Murray M'Cheyne, Thomas Boston, Robert Smith Candlish, Thomas Chalmers, William Guthrie, Andrew Gray, etc.
A collection of sermons by Reformed pastors and authors, compiled by Wes Kirk.
Sola Gratia Ministries
A ministry of sovereign grace, directed by C. Ryan Jenkins.
Sola Scriptura!
A Reformed Theology Resource presented by Michael Bremmer.
Solo Christo
A Calvinistic and "New Covenant Theology" website edited by Dale LaVoie.
Sound of Grace
John Reisinger presents writings on God's sovereign grace and "New Covenant Theology".
The Sovereign Grace Home Page
A collection of articles on salvation and grace by various authors compiled by John Roden.
Sovereign Grace Ministries
An association of more than 50 local churches in the US, Mexico, Canada, Bolivia and the UK.
Home of Sovereign Grace Magazine.
Sovereign Truth
A website that presents the teaching and comments of William Dicks.
Stuart's Castle - (Sola Gratia page)
Stuart Johnson provides a nice mix of articles, links and hymns from a Reformed perspective.
The Strait Gate
Steven Luker's excellent website.
Third Millennium Ministries
Third Millennium Ministries is dedicated to reforming Christian education in the third millennium through free online resources and seminary-level Christian education videos. Founder & President: Richard L. Pratt, Jr.  Doctrine: WCF.
Teaching Resources International
A non-profit ministry providing pastors, teachers, and missionaries with resources to strengthen their ministries.
Articles by host Jim Ehrhard and great Calvinistic writers of the past.
The Threshold (aka Monergism.com)
Web page of John W. Hendryx, a seminary student in Portland, Oregon. 
Great articles by Augustine, Luther, Calvin, Knox, the Puritans, Edwards, Whitefield, Spurgeon, Lloyd-Jones and others!
Vision Forum Ministries
Doug Phillips leads a Reformed ministry that seeks to develop "Family-Integrated Churches".
Westminster Presbyterian
Sherman Isbell presents an extensive archive of Reformed articles.
Writings by David Heesen
David Heesen provides some sound, insightful articles.
Yet Another Reformed Resource
A collection of good articles and links.


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