Highlights Gallery

The gathering to the right are just a few of the individuals who have performed at BALLS Cabaret in the past. Left to right:

1st row: Brian Sostek, Karen Haselmann, Michael McAllister, Marya Hornbacher, Westin

2nd row: Alex Alaxander, Kate Brenner, Derek Hughs, Michael Matteson

3rd row: Ben Bakken, J. Otis Powell!, Dan Cappechi, Matt Jensen

4th row: Clyde Sheets, Winona Sorenson, Arwen Wilder, Danny Schmitz, Rafael Viera, Russ Rogers

Top row: Jimmy Jahoda, Leslie Ball & Ben Bradley
Photo Courtesy of Walker Art Center

Leslie Ball partaking of her favorite tradition. She regularly distributes Hershey's Kisses to the audience during the performance to satisfy their sweet tooths and for a bit of Midnight energy. They were originally thrown into the audience, but on discovering that little "varmits" were eating the kisses, tinfoil and all (resulting in their untimely demise), it was determined that they would have to be passed around in the now famous "Kiss Kaddy".

Photo courtesy of: Eric Geigle, Home Page at Macalester.

Photo's courtesy of Melissa Gerr
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