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Family of

Zetus Swartout and Harriet Cordelia Jennings




Photo Album

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Swartout, Zetus ca 1922.jpg (43198 bytes)

Zetus Swartout
taken circa 1922

Harriet Jenning Swartout 1908.  This was cropped out of the next group picture.  It is the only known picture of Harriet that exists.

this picture was taken in 1908.   from left to right:  Harriet Jennings Swartout, granddaughter Hattie Swartout, granddaughter Gladys Lewis,  granddaughter Caro Swartout, Carol's future husband Richard Crego.  The back of the photo says it was taken at Cement City, and I assume that this was Harriet and Zetus' house in Cement City

Lewis, Carrie.jpg (27560 bytes)

daughter Carrie Swartout Lewis



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