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For the family of Richard Crego and Martha Gallop



Richard Crego was born in Herkimer County, New York on 24 December 1788, according to his tombstone.  He was the son of John Crego and Jane Stranahan.   By 1812, the family had moved to Clarence, Erie County, New York.  At this time, the War of 1812 started and Richard Crego answered the call and volunteered to serve, being 24 years old.   He was a private and served under Captain James Cronk in the company of Lt. Col. H.W. Dobbins.  He served from June 20th until December 20th, 1812 or about 6 months.   He was living in Clarence at the time of his enlistment and served in defense of Lewiston New York, a distance of about 50 miles.  For his service he was paid $19.98 and $4.94.  For his service, he also received a land warrant for 80 acres of land. He also claimed clothing and contingent expenses during the time of his service.  The only other details of his service were found in a local county history that Richard fought against the British at Queenstown and other places and escaped unhurt.


In this same town was also Martha Gallop.  She was born on 24 January 1795 in Cooperstown, Otsego County, New York, the daughter of Nathaniel Gallop and Anna York.  Her family moved several times and by 1812 she was living at Clarence, New York.  While here, she was a member of the Clarence Baptist Church.


Richard and Martha met somehow and were married on 16 June 1813 at Clarence.   This marriage record has not yet been located, but it was taken from the family Bible, the location of which is now unknown.  Children started to arrive after their marriage and by the 1820 census, they were listed living in their own household at Clarence with 3 children.    On the 1830 census, they are still found living at Clarence New York, with a family of 7 children.


Around this time, Richard and possibly Martha must have decided that it was time to go west.   In winter of 1831 with his 2 sons Faron and RJ, Richard set out in with ox teams and sleds, coming all the way to Jackson County Michigan overland, traveling through Canada and arriving late winter.  The following spring he secured the quarter section of Government land and upon it, he and his sons built a log cabin.  In June 1835, Richard returned to Clarence New York.  The next month, he and his wife and 7 children made a second journey to Michigan, this time taking a boat from Buffalo to Detroit and then overland, bringing teams with them.  It appears that he also moved west at the same time with his two brothers, John and Harvy Crego, as well as two of his wife's brothers, Gardner Gallup and William Gallup. 


In 1840, Richard and his family are listed on the federal population census as living in Columbia, Jackson County, Michigan.  On the 1850 census, they are living at the same place, although on this year an agricultural census was also taken and we have some interesting details about their farm.  The value of their farm is listed as $5,000, which is considerably higher than their neighbors.  They have 260 acres of land.  They owned 5 horses, 2 cows, 2 oxen, 14 other cattle, 43 sheep, 21 swine.  They raised 315 bushels of wheat, 20 bushels of rye, 150 bushels of indian corn, 100 bushels of oats, 110 pounds of wool, 30 bushels of irish potatoes, 250 pounds of butter, 40 tons of hay, and 60 pounds of honey and beeswax.


On 30 September 1857, Martha died at age 62.  Death records were not kept at this time, to her cause of death is unknown.   During the 1860 federal population census, Richard is shown living at his farm.  On 19 May1865, Richard passed away at age 76.  Again, death records were not required to be kept during this time period, so there is no "official" documentation of his death, other than the date on his tombstone.  Both Richard and Martha are buried at the Oak Grove Cemetery in Napoleon, Jackson County, Michigan.


They had 9 children, all surnamed Crego:


  child birth date death date


Farron S. 28 Sept 1815 13 May 1859


William S. 26 April 1817 04 Jan 1896


Richard J. 19 March1819 08 Oct 1872


Amy Jane 16 Oct 1821  


Henry J 19 July 1823 22 Feb 1899


Solomon G 10 July 1826 23 Sept 1866


Hiram 24 Feb 1829 25 March 1919


Chauncey 02 Aug 1831 27 March 1903


Fernando C 08 Sept 1833 11 June 1856



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