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For the family of Nacy Randel and Malinda Mahala Markum



Nathaniel Moses Randel was born on 01 January 1809 in Barren County, Kentucky.  He was apparently called "Nacy" his entire life, which is a derivative of Nathaniel.  He was the son of Moses and Rebecca Randel.  He moved with his family to Perry County Tennessee in the early 1820s.


Malinda Mahala Markum was born on  12 May 1813.  I currently have no knowledge of Mahala's parents.  Her full name was apparently Malinda Mahala Markum, as she went by both names at different times on different documents, such as census and land records.  But her family must have moved from Kentucky to Perry County Tennessee, so that Nacy and Mahala would have met.  According to a transcript of the N.M. Randel Bible, Nacy and Mahala Markum were married on 19 Feb 1829 in Perry County, Tennessee.  


They should have been listed on the 1830 census for Perry County, Tennessee, but unfortunately, I have not been able to find them.  The next "official" record of Nacy was on the 1837 tax list for Perry County.  He was listed as owning 55 acres of land.  In 1840,the family is again listed in Perry County.  The family consists of Nacy & Mahala along with their five children.  They are not listed as owning any slaves.  The census also indicates that both Nacy and Mahala cannot read or write.


In 1850, they are listed on the federal census in Perry County again.   The 1850 census is the first one where each member of the household is listed individually and their place of birth.  Nacy and Malinda are listed, along with 8 of their children.  For the first time, we see that Nacy and Malinda are both listed as having been born in Kentucky.  Malinda is listed that she cannot read or write.  They are not listed on the separate slave owner census for 1850.


In 1850, there was another census taken.  This one was called the non-population census schedule, or an agricultural census.  Nacy M Randol is listed as owning 370 acres of land, 70 of which were improved.   He owned 6 horses, 3 cows, 2 oxen, 6 other cattle, 19 sheep and 90 swine.  He raised 1000 bushels of indian corn, 150 bushels of oats, 15 pounds of wool, 10 bushels of peas and beans, 10 bushels of irish potatoes and 20 bushels of sweet potatoes.  His family also produced 10 pounds of butter.  Consider that he and his family accomplished this without slave labor, as was common in the area at the time.


In 1860, they are still listed on the federal census in Perry County.  N.M. Randel and Mahaly are enumerated in the household, along with 6 of their children.  It also indicates that there is 1 (adult) in the household who cannot read or write and that presumably would be Mahala.  They are not listed on the separate slave owner census for 1860.


There was an agricultural census taken again in 1860.  He is listed as owning 385 acres of land, 110 of which were improved.  He owned 5 horses, 4 cows, 2 oxen, 12 other cattle, 9 sheep and 50 swine.  His family raised 32 bushels of wheat, 7 bushels of rye, 1500 bushels of indian corn, 15 pounds of wool, 20 bushels of irish potatoes, 30 bushels of sweet potatoes.  They also produced 60 gallons of molasses and 100 pounds of butter.


In 1870, they are still living in Perry County.  N.M. Randol and Mahalah, along with 3 of their children are in the household.  Also listed in the household is K. Kitterd, age 20, black, domestic servant.  By this time, Nacy was 61 and Mahalah was 57.   They must have been thinking about their future well-being and how they were going to provide for themselves, once they retired from farming.  On 21 July 1875, a deed was recorded in Perry County between Nacy and his son William H, for lifetime support and taking care of him and his wife Mahalah.  He deeded 4 or possibly 5 pieces of land over to William for this support.  At that time, he had land totalling at least 370 acres and possibly 575 acres.  It appears that William gave up this land and obligation, because he moved to Missouri in 1876. 


In 1880, Nacy M. Randol and Mahaley are living in the 10th civil district of Perry County Tennessee, according to the federal census.  For the first time on this census, the parents of the persons in the household.  Nacy is listed as born in Kentucky, his father born in South Carolina and his mother born in Pennsylvania.  Mahaley is listed as born in Kentucky, her father born in Georgia and her mother born in South Carolina.   They are living between their daughters Martha and Nancy and their families.


Nacy died on 02 November 1887, presumably at his home in Perry County.  Mahala lived for 2 more years and then died on 06 October 1889.    These death dates were indicated in the Hufstedler book, but I do not know the source.  (My guess is that perhaps these dates were from the same transcription of the NM Randel family Bible.)  They were apparently both buried in the Pinckney Hufstedler Cemetery in Perry County, although no tombstones remain.


We know a little about Nacy and Mahala because of a letter that was written by Mr. Riley Randel (their grandson) dated March 6, 1967, as transcribed in "The Hufstedler Book".  (The following is a narrative based on this letter). Nacy and Mahala are my grandparents, but they died while I was very young so I can remember very little about them.  He was a man weighing about 160 pounds.  He was 4 foot, 9 inches tall and wore a black beard.  He was a Primitive Baptist in religious belief and believed in predestination before the foundation of the world.  Washing the feet of each other is one of their strong beliefs.  Mahala was a heavy woman of about the same age as her husband.  They were good farmers and well-to-do.  The house has been worked over but a portion of it still stands with big cedar trees in the yard with a big stack stone chimney in the center with a fireplace on either side.  This is the way it was when I was a small boy.  Both he and Mahala are buried near their home place in a stone tomb covered over.


They had thirteen children, all born and raised at Rockhouse Creek in Perry County Tennessee.  Note that these birthdates all came from a transcription of the N.M. Randel Bible.  A typed transcript was in the possession of Royleta Malone who published the dates.  All children surnamed RANDEL:






Death Date


Adeline Minerva

28 Jan 1830

04 Mar 1911


Louisa Jane

30 Aug 1831

26 Jan 1923


Amos Paschall

25 July 1833

10 Mar 1882


John Moses

07 Aug 1835

02 June 1909


Lucinda Ann

07 Jan 1838



Harvey Oliver

23 May 1840

15 Apr 1914


Martha E

28 Sept 1842



James C A

22 Nov 1844

04 June 1863


Nancy Julia

25 Nov 1846



Mary Mahalia

20 July 1849



Nathaniel Jefferson

20 Apr 1852

24 Nov 1923


William H

13 May 1854

06 Mar 1922


Sarah Caledonia

06 Aug 1856




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