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1927-Children of the Ritz. Sold to Hollywood as a movie.

1926-Cover Charge. His first novel, influenced by his idol F. Scott Fitzgerald.
1927-Children of the Ritz. Sold to Hollywood as a movie.
1929-Times Square
1930-A Young Man's Heart 1931-The Time of Her Life
1932-Manhattan Love Song
1940-The Bride Wore Black ( also titled Beware the Lady)
1941-The Black Curtain 1942-The Black Alibi
1942-Phantom Lady (writing as William Irish) 1943-The Black Angel
1944-The Black Path of Fear 1944-Deadline at Dawn (writing as William Irish)
1945-Night has a Thousand Eyes (writing as George Hopley) 1947-Waltz into Darkness (writing as William Irish)
1948-Rendezvous in Black 1948-I Married a Dead Man (writing as William Irish)
1950-Savage Bride 1950-Fright (writing as George Hopley)
1951-You'll Never See Me Again. another Dell 10 cent novella. 1951-Stranglers Serenade (writing as William Irish)
1958-Hotel Room 1959-Death is my Dancing Partner
1960-The Doom Stone- previously serialized in Argosy(1939) 1987-Into the Night- An unfinished manuscript finished by Lawrence Block.


Cornell Woolrich
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Night Has A 1000 Eyes