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1929-Children of
the Ritz

1934-Manhattan Love Song

1938-Convicted based on the story "Face Work", starring Rita Hayworth.

1942-Street of Chance based on "The Black Curtain", starring Burgess Meredith and Claire Trevor

1943-Leopard Man based on "Black Alibi" produced by Val Lewton. Read the Screenplay

1944-Phantom Lady

1944-The Mark of the Whistler based on the story "Dormant Account", directed by William Castle.

1946-Deadline at Dawn
starring Susan Hayword. Deadline at Dawn Movie Stills

1946-Black Angel
starring Dan Duryea, Peter Lorre, June Vincent and Broderick Crawford.

1946-The Chase
based on "The Black Path of Fear", starring  Robert Cummings and Peter Lorre.

1947-Fall Guy
based on the story "C-Jag (Cocaine)".

1947-The Guilty based on the story "He Looked Like Murder".

1947-Fear in the Night
based on the story "And So to Death( Nightmare)", starring Deforest Kelley.

1948-I Wouldn't Be in Your Shoes

1948-The Return of the Whistler based on the story "All at Once, No Alice".

1948-Night Has a Thousand Eyes
starring Edward G. Robinson.

1949-The Window

based on the story
"The Boy Cried Murder".
1950-No Man of Her Own based on "I Married a Dead Man", starring Barbara Stanwyck.

1954-Rear Window
, based on the story "It Has to be Murder", starring Jimmy Stewart, Grace Kelly, Raymond Burr. Directed by Alfred Hitchcock.


based on the story "And So to Death", starring Edward G. Robinson
The Boy Cried Murder
The Bride Wore Black(French)
Jeanne Moreau and directed by François Truffaut.

-Mississippi Mermaid(French) based on "Waltz into Darkness" directed by Francois Truffaut.

1980-Union City
based on the story "The Corpse Next Door", starring Deborah Harry and Pat Benatar .
Cloak & Dagger

based on the story "The Boy Cried Murder".
The Bride in Black

TV movie starring Susan Lucci.

1996-Mrs. Winterbourne
based on "I Married a Dead Man".

1998-Rear Window

TV remake with Christopher Reeve.

2001-Original Sin
based on "Waltz Into Darkness".


Cornell Woolrich

It is rumoured that Cornell Woolrich worked on the screenplays for the following movies: House of Horror(1929)(as William Irish), Seven Footprints to Satan(1929)(as William Irish)and The Haunted House(1928)(as William Irish).

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