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"He was the Poe of the Twentieth century, the poet of the shadows, the Hitchcock of the written word." Francis M. Nevins Jr. , Cornell Woolrich historian and biographer.
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Cornell Woolrich Letter June 15, 1941

Cornell Woolrich Letter June 7, 1946

Cornell Woolrich book inscription

Screen Facts No. 5 1963

Twilight Zone Article

The following archival material originally appeared in Twilight Zone magazine in December 1984. It is a piece written by famed sci-fi writer Ron Goulart and I feel is important to the Woolrich mythos as it includes personel recollections of Mr. Goulart's meetings with Woolrich. The piece is presented here solely to preserve the material. All works are (c)copyright their respective copyright holders. Each page is an image so be patient as it may take a while to load.

Twilight Zone mag Page One
Twilight Zone mag Page Two
Twilight Zone mag Page Three

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