The Dancing Hut

REVIEWS [out of 5]
  • d20 Magazine Rack [++++-]
  • Enworld [++++-]
  • Enworld [+++--]
  • TOTAL: 3.6
    Type: Role-Playing Game (D20 Adventure)
    Cover Artist: Scott Fisher
    Interior Artists: Sean Dureden and John Moniz
    Suggested Retail Price: $14.95
    Format: Paperback
    Pages: 72
    Publisher: MonkeyGod Enterprises
    ISBN: 0971772975
    Discussion: The Dancing Hut Forum

    Peasants and nobles alike are frantic: The Tsar has fallen deathly ill with few viable choices for an heir. If the Tsar dies, his scheming twin sons will engage in a battle for the throne, thrusting Torassia into a civil war. But then a rumor surfaces that the Tsar's youngest son, Ivan, still lives.

    It's up to the PCs to find the young heir before the Tsar's rivals reach him first!

    "The fact of the matter is that this little gem is only $5 more than one of the 'Adventure Path' modules from Wizards of the Coast, yet its more than double the size," said Grompi at Enworld, "Even if you've had a bad experience with past MonkeyGod modules, this one may be worth a look--especially if you're a fan of Slavic lore."

    The Dancing Hut is a d20 System adventure suitable for characters of 8th-9th level.

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