Modern: Mercenary Manual

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    Type: Role-Playing Game (D20 Modern Supplement)
    Suggested Retail Price: $9.95
    Format: .PDF
    Pages: 114
    Publisher: Ronin Arts

    In the 114-page PDF, written by Michael Tresca, are rules for including mercenaries in a modern d20 role-playing game. It covers the Modern and Futuristic eras. The Modern era covers the Roaring Twenties, World Wars I and II, Viet Nam, and conflicts in South Africa, ranging from 1600 AD to 1990 AD. The Futuristic era covers our current age, 1990 AD and beyond. Why call our modern times futuristic? Because this is the rise of the mercenary company as an international, efficient, and profitable organization.

    Modern: Mercenary Manual is a d20 Modern supplement that explores mercenaries throughout "real-world" history, how they've been used in fiction, tips for using them in your game, new feats, skills, and advanced classes. It also includes:

    • A history of modern mercenaries with a timeline that extends to mercenaries in the future
    • 14 new occupations
    • 7 new prestige classes
    • 60 new feats
    • 13 new spells
    • Rules for generating mercenary backgrounds, contracts, payments, punishments, and more

    I've already posted some errata and plan to update the file in a month.

    "Decent, workhorse rulebook for those running d20 Modern mercenary characters. , " said Draz at Gamegrene.

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