Fantasy Origins

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Author: Michael Tresca
Type: Role-Playing Game (D20 Article)
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Publisher: Pyramid
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"Where did I come from?"

It's the most basic question that children ask, but often the question goes unanswered in a typical d20 System fantasy campaign. The races just came to be, usually in a god's own image, and that's that. But this answer can be as unsatisfying for a gaming group as talk of storks and cabbage patches is for inquisitive children. In short, it pays to be prepared for when PCs ask that same age-old question. This article attempts to provide a basic framework for a Dungeon Master to provide a cohesive evolution for his campaign.

Reviews (CCCCC) = 2.87 overall
  • "I for one was glad to see this," said Brian Rogers at Pyramid's Discussion Forums. "I had written a similar article to Dragon about 2 years ago that got bounced, so seeing something about this in print was a kick."
  • "I completely enjoyed reading this," said Matt Vincent at Pyramid's Discussion Forums. "It rocked simply for what it was."
  • "Well, the biology was laughable in real world terms," said David Morgan-Mar at Pyramid's Discussion Forums, "but as a fantasy background that leads to some interesting connections that can be exploited, hey, it kinda works."