A Change of Heart

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Author: Michael Tresca
Type: Role-Playing Game (D20 Article)
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Publisher: Pyramid
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Alignment is often the guiding moral or immortal force behind a player character's many decisions. Although alignment is not meant to be a straightjacket that rigidly forces a player character to act in a repeatedly predictable manner, it is an inherent part of the character's personality. Alignment may not be all of the person, but it's an important part of that person.

People change. Sometimes that change comes about gradually, such as the result of a romance between a lawful and chaotic character. But sometimes, a change in ethos can come about in drastic, awesome, terrifying ways -- ways that fundamentally change a character forever. This article examines just what might happen in your character's life to justify that dramatic change.

  • "Brrr... alignment justification material," said David Morgan-Mar at Pyramid's Discussion Forums. "I can see alignment used as a descriptive, and even game-mechanical tool, but I can't come to terms with it being prescriptive of character behaviour and involving game mechanical penalties that have effects that are difficult to justify in terms of the setting. As such, this was a loss for me."