Ancient Kingdoms: Greece

Author: Michael Tresca
Type: Role-Playing Game (D20 Sourcebook)
Suggested Retail Price: $23.95
Format: Softcover
Pages: 174
Publisher: Necromancer Games

Ancient Kingdoms: Greece is a world of great intolerance and new discoveries, of advancements in medicine and physics and of shockingly brutal warfare. Warriors are proud and battle to ensure their feats are emblazoned on the memory of their descendants. The gods are at all times a presence, both subtle and gross, arbitrating and countering each other's supernatural agents.

It is up to the PCs to navigate through the deluge and bring honor to their families, their city-states, and their deity. It will not be easy; monsters of all stripes, bloodthirsty foreigners, and the elements themselves strive against the heroes. But without risk there can be no reward, and no Greek worth his shield would shy away from such adventure.

Welcome to the ancient world.

Here's just a glimpse of what Ancient Kingdoms: Greece contains:

  • Introduction (overview of Ancient Kingdoms: Greece and a timeline)
  • Chapter 1: Life in Ancient Greece (Home and Family, Pastimes, Religion, Adventure Hooks)
  • Chapter 2: Characters (28 city-states, 12 races including amazon, autochthon, cabiro, centaur, cyclops, gorgon, minotaur, myrmidon, nymph, satyr, siren, spartus)
  • Chapter 3: Allegiances and Areti (rules on Greek honor and how to use it with the gods)
  • Chapter 4: Classes (8 new primary classes, changes to three standard classes, 19 prestige classes)
  • Chapter 5: Skills (how skills are used in Greece)
  • Chapter 6: Feats (53 feats, including racial feats, creation feats, and flaws)
  • Chapter 7: Equipment (overview of currency, new armor, weapons, and transportation)
  • Chapter 8: Spells (5 new spells and a domain for each deity)
  • Chapter 9: Pantheon (5 planes of existence, and 14 deities)
  • Chapter 10: Magic Items (3 new weapons, 27 miscellaneous, 22 artifacts)
  • Chapter 11: Monsters (54 monsters, including 7 daimons, 4 drakons, 7 giants, and 7 golems)