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Toledo, Ohio

How did we get started?

The Toledo Handball Club, home to seven (7) National 3-Wall Champions, was organized in 1980 by George Miller. The foundation of the group was formed by hosting the 1975 National 3-Wall Tournament on Labor Day weekends. Approximately 100 active handball players live in the Toledo Metropolitan area.

Currently, two 4-wall leagues compete during the cold weather months. Forty-two players participate at various skill levels. Both leagues accept new players at the start of each league session.

The Toledo Handball Club hosts the George Miller Sr. Memorial Handball Tournament every November. Players come annually from Canada, neighboring states, as well as Illinois, Maryland, and California. To accomodate the participation, the tournament is held at Bowling Green State University athletic center.

The Winter Blahs Tournament is held in January or February. When there are no other local tournaments the THC gets together with their handball buddies to put a stop to the Winter Blahs in Northwest Ohio.

During the warm weather months, Toledo Handball Club is proud to play at the finest 8 lighted 3-wall courts in the world. On Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sunday mornings, the Lucas County Recreation Center attracts players from Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Illinois to compete with each other and the local THC players.

The Toledo Handball Club hosts the 3-wall Under-the-Lights Tournament each June. Players come to Toledo from all over the Midwest to compete in a two-day tournament. Because the courts have lights, the tournament can be held after work on Friday and ends Saturday, so Sunday is preserved for family time.

Each Labor Day holiday, THC hosts the National USHA 3-Wall tournament at the Lucas County Recreation Center. The 5-day tournament brings 300-400 players from all over the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, and Ireland. National Champions are crowned in age groups from Under 13 to over 75 in both men's and women's competition. The bleachers fill with many family and friends cheering on their favorite players.

The first Wednesday of every month, the Avoidables Avoidables Breakfast Club meet at Scrambler's Marie on West Central Avenue at 9:00 am. The monthly gathering consists of retired, should-be retired, or want-to-be retired, current or retired handball players. The lively group reminisce about past victories, forgotten losses, bad bounces, slippery walls, hand errors, and many more excuses.
April 2011 Breakfast
Clock-wise from lower left: Dale Heigle, Frank Ragone, Val Daiga, Jim Hagan, Joe Boyles, Jim Lowe, Hank Pauly, Rick Stevens, Ken Marciniak, Rick Garcia, Eddie Simon, George Miller, Jim Donaldson, Ken Katifias (not in photo) Tom Rerucha, Dave Collins, Dave Revenaugh, Jim Smith, Phil Kirk, Tom Schlageter, Frank Latendresse

Toledo National Handball Champions

George Miller National Grand Master (10+ titles)
Master Doubles (3-Wall) 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988
Golden Master Doubles (3-wall) 1995
Super Master Singles 2005
Super Master Doubles (3-wall) 1999, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2007
65+ Doubles (3-Wall) 2008
70+ Doubles (3-Wall) 2011
Joyce (Mrs. George) Miller Womens "B" Singles
Phil Kirk National Grand Master (10+ titles) Master Singles
Senior Singles
45+ Singles (3-Wall) 2003
40+ Doubles (3-Wall) 2004
50+ Doubles (3-Wall) 2006
50+ Doubles (4-Wall) 2007
55+ Doubles (3-Wall) 2011
55+ Doubles (3-Wall) 2012
55+ Singles (4-Wall) 2014
55+ Doubles (3-wall) 2014
50+ Doubles (4-wall) 2015
60+ Singles (3-wall) 2016
60+ Doubles (3-wall) 2017
Leah Kirk Collegiate Womens "B" Singles 2015
B Singles (3-wall) 2016
Matt Osborn National Grand Master (10+ titles)
Senior Singles (3-Wall)
45+ Singles (3-Wall) 2008
45+ Doubles (3-Wall) 2008
50+ Doubles (3-Wall) 2010
50+ Doubles (3-Wall) 2011
50+ Singles (3-Wall) 2012
50+ Singles (3-wall) 2013
50+ Singles (3-wall) 2014
50+ Doubles (4-wall) 2015
50+ Singles (3-wall) 2015
50+ Singles (3-wall) 2017
Rick Graham 70+ Singles (3-wall) 2014
70+ Doubles (3-wall) 2014
70+ Singles (3-wall) 2015
70+ Doubles (3-wall) 2016
70+ Doubles (3-wall) 2017
70+ Singles (3-wall) 2017
Jim Lowe 65+ Singles (4-wall Canadian) 2016
60+ Doubles (4-wall Canadian) 2012
Tyler Stevens B Singles (3-wall) 2005
B Doubles (3-wall) 2005
Collegiate Open Doubles (4-wall) 2006
A Singles (4-wall) 2006
Shain Buerk Master B Singles (3-Wall) 2010
Tad Langenderfer 40 B Singles (3-Wall) 2011
Jason Collins B Doubles (3-Wall) 2010
Mike Loisel B Doubles (3-Wall) 2010
Don Revenaugh Master Singles
Senior Singles
Bob Birtchall Junior < 19 Singles
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